People & Contrast

For 2015, Agfa Graphics made another extraordinary VIP calendar, exuding the Power of Print…

For the third year in a row, we decided to create a state-of-the-art Agfa Graphics calendar. Once again we have combined multiple prepress, printing and enhancement techniques to create a stunning testimony to the power of print. This year each image relates to the common theme of People & Contrast.

Power of Print

Calendar 2014 - JuneAs a leading graphic industry provider, we did not create just another calendar. Instead, we made it a showcase for a number of different state-of-the art printing techniques. We created this calendar with a variety of our innovative printing technologies and materials, ranging from our Energy Elite Pro digital thermal printing plates and our Azura chemistry-free plates, our Avalon platesetters over our Asanti and Apogee workflow software, including the InkSave option, to our Sublima, CristalRaster and ABS screening technologies. The month of December, which was printed on 1mm Vikupor Foamalux material with our Anapurna M2050i wide-format inkjet printer and Anapurna inks, deserves special mention, as does the month of February, which was designed using our Fortuna security software. The month of June was printed on Agfa's PVC-free, wood-free and lamination-free synthetic print medium Synaps.

Every page stands out not only through its design, but also through its use of extraordinary inks such as metallic or fluorescent ones, making the calendar a fine sample of the Power of Print.

People & Contrast

Calendar 2014 - JulyThe Agfa Graphics 2015 calendar carries the title 'People & Contrast', referring to the common theme of the images in it.

PEOPLE - Products can only exist by grace of the people that research, develop, manufacture, market and of course… use them. The fact that we see people as the center of doing business is re¬flected in all our communication, from lea¬flets to websites to trade fair booths. After all, 'people images' have the strongest power to appeal to an audience because of their unique ability to express and evoke emotions. It goes without saying that our VIP Calendar 2015 had to be in keeping with this approach too, featuring twelve images starring people. Moreover, for the third time in a row, these pictures also happened to be made by our own people.

CONTRAST - Contrast is the difference in luminance and/or color that makes an object (or its representation) distinguishable. Contrast is also the difference between the color or shading of a print and the background on which it is printed. People can be in marked contrast to each other too - just think of oppositions like old & young, white & black, rich & poor... Alternatively, they can contrast with their environment. In each of the twelve pictures of this calendar, the photographer has tried to capture a specific kind of contrast.

A community effort

We are proud to say that the Agfa Graphics 2015 VIP Calendar was a joint effort of the entire Agfa Graphics community. Indeed, each calendar page features a detachable postcard containing a picture made by one of our employees. The twelve best images were submitted for a photo contest which ran through our worldwide organization last summer. The fold-out leaflet inserted in the cover features the pictures of the photographers, as well as extra production notes.

Created in cooperation with

  • Mathildestudios - Founder Rudy Van Hoey is the designer and prepress expert who takes great credit for the concept, the choice of the substrates, the lay-out and the supervision of prepress and printing. His daughter Laurien assisted him.
  • Guido Maes. Printingdeluxe in Ghent, Belgium, a state-of-the-art printing company using Agfa Graphics' platesetters, printing plates and software.
  • Fedrigoni, the Italian paper company that sponsored the paper
  • Dacar digital printing, who printed and cut the December page on their Anapurna 2050i wide-format inkjet printer.
  • Wirebind, who took care of the Wire-O-binding
Agfa Graphics Calendar