Connect, Create, Care. Day after Day.

For 2014, Agfa Graphics made an extraordinary VIP Calendar, exuding the Power of Print. This is not just any calendar though…

Our award-winning 2013 calendar based on the theme of ‘sustainability’ was so well received around the world that we chose to repeat the exercise this year. Once again we have combined multiple prepress, printing and enhancement techniques to create a stunning testimony to the power of print. This year each image relates to the common theme of Connect/Create/Care: three words that summarize what we stand for as a company, in the broadest possible way, and that illuminates just how we make our customers Stay Ahead.

Power of Print

Calendar 2014 - JuneOf course, as a leading graphic industry provider, we didn't want this to be just another calendar, but rather a showcase for a number of different state-of-the art printing techniques. We created this calendar with a variety of our innovative printing technologies and materials, ranging from our Energy Elite Pro digital thermal printing plates and our Avalon plate setters over our Apogee workflow software, including the InkSave option and our Sublima screening technology. The month of December, which is printed on our A-Sign Display textile media with our Ardeco wide-format soft signage inkjet printer, deserves special mention. Every page was printed on a different substrate, using extraordinary inks such as metallic, gold or fluorescent ones, and enhanced with special techniques such as embossing. This made it into a fine sample of the Power of Print.


The calendar carries the title Connect, Create, Care. Day After Day, referring to the common theme of all images. These three words summarize Agfa Graphics' commitment to its customers and the ways in which we make them Stay Ahead:

We connect. And we do it with all of our stakeholders all around the globe. Wherever you are, we are always in reach. We are represented in all major global economies, either directly or through our vast network of dealerships, and we have R&D and printing plate manufacturing plants on every continent. Connectivity also refers to our thorough understanding of graphic enterprises. We aim to connect optimally with our customers by listening to them and acquiring a deep knowledge of their operations and their needs. Finally, connectivity refers to the way our products are connected to each other. Instead of simply moving boxes, we offer integrated solutions that help our customers manage complicated print processes easily, with our hardware, software and consumables. Our advanced workflow software in turn connects the different elements within the production process, thus increasing efficiency and saving costs, whereas our web-to-print and mobile publishing solutions create the link to the online world.

We create. Technology leadership is a cornerstone of our strategy. We continually invest in new technologies and renew our portfolio of products and solutions to meet the needs of graphic industry professionals. With every expansion of our assortment, we aim to create star products that will be best-in-class, which is reflected in our strong patent portfolio. Calendar 2014 - July
Yet equally our creativity refers to our ability to think along with our customers to find solutions that will create growth opportunities and help them stay ahead, based on our expertise and experience when it comes to graphic enterprises.

We care. Firstly, caring means offering reliable solutions that will always serve our customers well. Yet it also refers to the fact that our customers can rely one of the most comprehensive support organizations in the industry, with an unmatched range of total system expertise that is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, worldwide. In addition to technical services such as installation, integration, maintenance and system repairs, we also provide expert services, including training and consulting.
Moreover, caring also means doing business while still respecting the three P's (planet, people and profit) of sustainability, which is one of our important corporate values. As we strive for profitable growth, we do not neglect the impact of our activities on the environment, the health and safety of our employees nor the relationship with all of our stakeholders. Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in such a way that their complete life cycle - production, storage, transport and use, as well as end of life waste treatment, have minimal impact on the environment. We also offer our customers ways to eliminate toxic chemicals, reduce waste, lower ink and water consumption, save energy and ultimately increase efficiency and save costs.

A community effort

We can proudly say that the Agfa Graphics 2014 VIP Calendar was a joint effort of the entire Agfa Graphics community. Indeed, it is a compilation of the thirteen best images that were submitted for a photo contest which ran through our worldwide organization last summer. The colophon features the pictures of the photographers.

Created in cooperation with

  • Mathildestudios - Founder Rudy Van Hoey is the designer and prepress expert who takes great credit for the concept, the choice of the substrates, the lay-out and the supervision of prepress and printing. His daughter Laurien assisted him.
  • Adrien Hendrickx, the imaging professional who digitally enhanced the images to give them even more power
  • Guido Maes. Printingdeluxe in Ghent, Belgium, a state-of-the-art printing company using Agfa Graphics' platesetters, printing plates and software.
  • Fedrigoni, the Italian paper company that sponsored the paper
  • Wirebind, who took care of the Wire-O-binding
  • Esko, who provided the cutting machine for the textile prints made on the Ardeco
Agfa Graphics Calendar