:Avalon N8

The Avalon N8 is a range of thermal B1 size platesetters that offer new levels of productivity to computer-to-plate imaging. The external-drum engine is combined with a choice of imaging technologies and automation levels to offer you a customized CtP solution that responds to your needs.

Key benefits

  • Reliable platesetting allowing you to deliver more projects in less time
  • Exceptional registration accuracy saves time and costs thanks to faster make ready times on press
  • Consistent high-quality imaging results in fewer remakes, saving time and money and increases print buyer satisfaction
  • Automation reduces plate handling errors and reduces the pre-press operator overhead

Avalon N8 series

The Avalon N8 engines offer you excellent quality- and efficiency-driven plate production, with 8 different models that produce between 8 and 65 B1 plates per hour. The plate productivity is linked to the Laser technology of the imaging head; the fastest model uses a high-tech 1024 beam GLV.

Unmatched plate productivity thanks to GLV technology

The Avalon N8-60 and Avalon N8-80 models apply state-of-the-art GLV imaging head technology, using 512 and 1024 beams to deliver between 32 and 65 B1 plates per hour in a fully automated CtP configuration. These precision imaging heads produces exceptional tonal accuracy and uniformity from corner to corner, plate to plate and job to job.

Advanced external drum design

The Avalon N8 series features an external drum design. An automated lightweight clamping and vacuum system secures plates to the drum.

A choice in digital plate technologies and workflow solutions

Agfa considered each element that impacts CtP efficiency when integrating the Avalon N8 series. The engine is an important link in the plate production chain, but it comes together with the plates, the plate processing, the digital workflow, the screening and other additional software utilities. Each of these elements needs to be considered carefully when composing a customized CtP solution. We will assist you in making the right technology decisions.

Increased productivity with Avalon N8 Automation

Avalon N8 automation increases operator productivity to match your volume requirements. The Avalon N8 assortment offers a variety of automated features. Internal plate punching, single and multi cassette loading and on-line processing guarantees a steady plate production. A drum auto-balance system allows switching between different sized plates.

Internal Punching

The Avalon N8 internal punching system performs punching for the on-press registration, immediately before mounting the plate on the drum. Internal punching improves register on press and reduces make ready times. Because the punching is done while another plate is being imaged, there is no loss of plate throughput. By adding optional press punch blocks, imaged plates can be loaded straight onto presses with different punching, eliminating further manual steps and dramatically increasing make ready efficiency.

Perfect upgrade environment

The Avalon N8 can be upgraded in the field to meet your expanding production requirements. Using the same base engine, you can upgrade from an entry-level manual machine to a high-productivity, fully automated model by simply replacing certain key parts in the field.

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