:Eversify - Mobile publishing. Delivered in one touch

Eversify, Agfa Graphics' mobile publishing service, automates the workflow for publishing newspaper content on a wide variety of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones - all in one touch.

Key benefits

  • Template based content viewing on mobile devices
  • Automated workflow for creating editions day after day
  • Support for all popular mobile devices
  • Unique reader experience in quality and handling
  • App creation with publisher specific design
  • Transparent cost structure; fast ROI

Eversify is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that helps publishers to produce mobile newspapers in an automated way. Agfa Graphics' service captures any data from the content supplier. That is the same content as used on paper today enriched with editorial data used for the web, video, audio,…. The data is analyzed and automatically processed through Agfa Graphics' intelligent content mapping and template technology.
The final publication is delivered to any hosting environment out of which the branded App will access the publication's content.

Easy integration

Eversify captures content from any content system in use today at the newspaper. The data is analyzed and automatically processed (in the style of a newsfeed) through Agfa Graphics' intelligent content mapping and template technology to produce an issue (both portrait and landscape variants) that is ready to preview and edit if necessary. The final publication is delivered to any hosting environment to be accessed by the associated brand-specific or individual reader application. Within the App, that also supports dynamic content, the reader is offered a highly interactive and robust reading experience. As far as the production process is concerned, Eversify uses the newspaper's existing methods for print production. So there is minimal effort yet publishers have complete control over the look and feel, which is important for branding purposes.

Eversify creates the App for every type mobile reader, be it tablets or smartphones. No intervention by the publisher is required to support new popular devices.

Eversify allows publishers to create their own identity in the App or simulate as much as possible the look and feel of the conventional newspaper. The readers experience is a key feature in Eversify, regardless of the templates. We believe that newspaper Apps should be good looking and self explaining. There is no need to provide a "how to read this newspaper" with Eversify.

Unlike other e-media solutions Eversify is not design-program centric, which can be extremely time consuming and costly. The emphasis is put on automation, branding and reading experience rather than other user-interface features.

Eversify uses HTML5, which allows clear separation of style from content and delivers a powerful presentation in form of sophisticated image handling, audio and video animation. Embedded JavaScript allows search, bookmarks, and access to other online links, such as social networking sites, and other publisher-specific functionality. It runs on any iOS and Android device. Other popular mobile operating systems will be added soon.

Arkitex Eversify Tablet Publishing

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