:Apogee StoreFront - The Web-to-Print Solution for Offset and Digital Print

Cloud based B2B web-to-print system with easy to use Online Editor and Apogee Prepress integration

Apogee Storefront screenshot
Apogee StoreFront is a powerful web-to-print solution that makes it easy to set up e-commerce stores for both printed and non-printed products. It enables printers and print service providers to efficiently market their products and services to both existing customers as well as new markets. Private stores can be set up to meet the needs of specific clients. Their dedicated storefront provides them with a central print ordering portal that is available 24/7. Public stores can be used to reach out to new consumers, businesses or governmental organizations.

Easy to Use

Apogee storefront icon 1 Offering your customers an easy to use portal that efficiently streamlines the print purchase process is key for the successful use of web-to-print. Apogee StoreFront stores are visually attractive and easy to navigate. This focus on ease of use extends to StoreCenter, the site in which stores, products and orders are managed. A dashboard keeps everyone up-to-date on new and pending orders.

Prepress Integration

Apogee Storefront column 2 Apogee StoreFront integrates seamlessly with Apogee Prepress 8, the leading PDF based workflow automation software. Apogee Prepress 8 can automatically download and process incoming orders. This increases the printer's efficiency in handling offset as well as digital print jobs. For third party workflows or devices, there is an option to manually download order data.

Online Editing

Apogee Storefront Column 3The Online Editor enables print buyers to design and edit their own documents while maintaining brand guidelines. Occasional users will appreciate the easy-to-use forms that allow them to personalize business cards, letterhead or other business documents. Power users will like the advanced editing capabilities for creating or adapting visually-rich, multi-page publications.

Cloud Service

Apogee Storefront column 4Apogee StoreFront is offered as a Software-as-a-Service or SaaS product. Printers do not have to invest in hardware or bandwidth. They don't need expertise in web development or internet security. The cloud service makes sure printers can offer their customer a high-end and up-to-date web-to-print service. Customer retention improves while printers keep their focus on their core business.

Apogee StoreFront is offered in a number of packages. For pricing and availability please contact your local Agfa Graphics representative. More information about Apogee Storefront can be found on its product page, in the product brochure pdf  and on the 'How it works' pages. Visit the web-to-print demo store, check out the links page or see Apogee StoreFront in action on the Agfa Graphics YouTube channel.
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