ALTAMIRA™ Pack LM inks

High-performance inkjet inks & fluids for packaging applications.

Key benefits

  • Low Migration inks optimized for low migration and/or set-off in relation to the application and the substrate
  • Use of unique Agfa CCT technology (Complete Crosslinking Technology) (see leaflet)
  • Zero odour inks for secondary packaging etc for odour sensitive goods
  • Customized inks with high performance in image quality, adhesion, jetting performance etc


Low Migration UV-curable inkjet inksfor indirect food and pharmapackaging

Target applications

  • Packaging applications wherein the amount of migratables from the printed packaging has to be as low as possible, including indirect food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging,
  • Packaging applications wherein there is a need for very low or zero odour inks,
  • Industrial high speed in-line printing packaging applications,
  • Variable (randomized) data printing,
  • Proofing, sampling and production printing.

Ink & fluid type
  • Single pass UV-curable inks & fluids.
  • Low Migration UV-curable inkjet inks
    • the amounts of migratables of the cured ink can be very low, when printed on substrates suited for the specific application

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