:Amigo TS

The next step in consistent, stable and reliable ThermoFuse™ technology , now offering higher speed, improved contrast and longer bath life for a demanding pressroom.

Key benefits

  • Stable ink water balance
  • Low chemistry usage
  • Processing and printing stability
  • Consistency

Fast, efficient and rich in contrast
Agfa's new :Amigo TS uses ThermoFuse technology to deliver robust, high resolution plate performance. :Amigo TS is able to deliver the highest quality press results with remarkable chemical resistance and extraordinary processing latitude thanks to the use of physical, rather than chemical, plate processing. This means simple platemaking with consistently high quality, plate after plate without the variables seen with other, non-ThermoFuse technologies. :Amigo TS is daylight working for maximum convenience and can be processed in all standard plate processors. :Amigo TS delivers the ultimate in reliability, convenience and quality to the most demanding pressroom.:

Suitable for a wide variety of applications
:Amigo TS is a multi-purpose plate that suits many different types of press work. :Amigo TS works on any suitable 830 nm thermal plate setter and tolerates fluctuations in laser energy with practically no affect on image quality. Plate processing is simple and clean, :Amigo TS can tolerate processing variations with the same wide latitude as it can tolerate exposure variations.

Versatile, robust performance
Using the highest quality grained and anodized substrate, :Amigo TS delivers the press performance and versatility that you would expect from Agfa. Fast make-ready and stable ink/water balance ensure that your press will deliver the best quality and fast results.

Can be used with following products and services

:Amigo TS is a multi-purpose plate that has proved suited to many different types of press work. :Amigo will operate on any suitable 830nm thermal platesetter and is a forgiving plate, which will tolerate fluctuations in laser energy with practically no effect on image quality.

:Amigo TS - simplifying platemaking

Platemaking has never been this simple and straightforward. :Amigo TS is tolerant to a wider range of exposure and processing variable than a standard chemically developed plate. That means more consistent plates with less effort. Even processor cleaning is easy with minimal levels of maintenance and upkeep required. :Amigo TS uses ThermoFuse technology to deliver ease of use and robust, predictable performance.

:Amigo TS - physical imaging

By using Agfa's innovative and proven ThermoFuse™ Technology, which features purely physical image formation, many exposure variables are eliminated. :Amigo TS's coating is made from millions of individual thermoplastic pearls. It is negative working, so the 830 nm laser diodes expose the image. In the exposed image areas, these thermoplastic pearls are heated, so melt and fuse together, as well as bonding firmly to the substrate.

:Amigo TS - simple processing

In the unexposed areas, the pearls are very easily removed by washing the surface with a mild Clean Out Solution. Since the method of removing the non-image area is physical, rather than chemical, there is the widest possible processing latitude. Small variations in temperature, pH, activity or replenishment settings have little or no impact on the final press-ready plate. This ensures that platemaking is simple, predictable and reliable -plate after plate. The bath life is extremely long at more than 50m² per litre and :Amigo TS can be processed in any existing CtP or analogue plate processor.

:Amigo TS -superior press performance

The inherent simplicity of platemaking with :Amigo TS ensures that the pressroom is supplied with a steady stream of the highest quality plates. The proven technology used in :Amigo TS's coating offers excellent chemical resistance, making :Amigo TS suitable for a wide range of sheetfed and web offset printing applications. Post baking will increase the run length significantly. The specially developed 'Flat Substrate Technology' ensures optimised ink/water balance, clean out and run length performance.

:Amigo TS - for high quality printing

Plate to plate, week to week, the highly stable ThermoFuse™ technology means that images are highly predictable and not prone to change. This stability is important for reprints - you can be confident that the image will match time after time. The plate stability comes from the elimination of exposure and processing variables that are seen with chemically developed plates. This together with the excellent chemical resistance of the plate gives you all the ingredients for high quality printing.

:Amigo TS - Environmental benefits

The :Amigo TS Clean Out Solution is used to remove the non-image areas at a top-up rate of 30 to 50mls/m². This is a significant reduction over other CtP technologies and reduces waste generation and disposal costs.

The top-up of the Amigo TS Clean Out Solution is mostly to compensate for evaporation of the cleanout solution rather than real usage of clean out solution to clean out the plate itself. Because a clean out solution is used there is also no need to compensate for pH or conductivity as is the case with conventional thermal processors.

The :Amigo TS Clean Out Solution gives long bath lifes and lower chemistry consumption, meaning less processor cleaning and maintenance - saving time and money. The remarkable cleanliness of the :Amigo TS system means exceptionally clean processors even at the end of a long chemistry cycle. :Amigo TS combines all the benefits of low chemistry usage, long bath life and unparalleled processor cleanliness.

Amigo TS

Agfa Graphics' Amigo TS

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