:Anapurna M2540 FB

True flatbed. True quality. True value. Anapurna M2540 FB is a high-speed flat-bed, UV-curable inkjet printer for graphic screen printers, photo shops and sign shops. With a true flat-bed that delivers near photo quality, the :Anapurna M2540 FB is designed to deliver exceptional value for your money.

True flatbed.
Revolutionary vacuum bed.
Agfa's revolutionary bed-design ensures extremely accurate and reliable dot placement. The vacuum on the bed is divided in 2 table zones of 4 different compartments.

True quality.
6 colours and white for demanding conditions
:Anapurna UV inks (CMYK Lc Lm + white) dry faster and produce a wider colour gamut, and that allows you to use a wider variety of materials.
Agfa Graphics's UV inks are proven to have great adhesion properties and high durability giving you longer lasting images that are resistant to outdoor conditions.
Due to the accuracy of the flatbed, we can print Pre- and Postwhite in a separate run with use of the full head to print on darker substrates or transparent media, as well as backlit and front-lit materials. You can even use it as a spot colour to highlight certain areas of an image.
:Anapurna M2540 FB has a separate white ink management system onboard. The white ink is stirred automatically at regular intervals ensuring that it is always in the best possible print condition.

Clean-cut prints
:Anapurna UV inks are flexible, making them the perfect choice for very demanding conditions, including temperature or humidity fluctuations.
Agfa Graphics's durable inks let you make machine or laser cuts without damaging the image, giving you a clean-cut print every time.

True value for your money
:Anapurna M2540 FB is built on a true flatbed architecture so it can print on practically any rigid media and sheet material. White ink and 6 colours with 12 pl print heads allow this high-quality engine to deliver prints that will give you and your customers a competitive advantage. Because you can print multiple jobs on various sized media, this :Anapurna is an ideal engine for step-and-repeat work.
Contact your local Agfa Graphics representative today. Let us prove how the :Anapurna M2540 FB will give you a fast return on investment and the means to profitability.

Anapurna M2540 applications

Revolutionary vacuum bed.

Agfa Graphics's revolutionary bed-design ensures extremely accurate and reliable dot placement. The vacuum on the bed is divided in 2 table zones of 4 different compartments. This allows you to use different-sized media without having to tape off the whole vacuum bed. This design also allows you to use separate parts of the bed for different jobs in the same print run and still maintain a perfect vacuum. The vacuum can even be reversed in order to aid lifting of large substrates after printing.

Wide range of media

:Anapurna M2540 FB can print on practically any rigid and sheet material. It delivers exceptional print quality on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor media and uncoated rigid media such as corrugated boards, rigid plastics, plexi-glass, mirrors, exhibition panels, wood, aluminium, MDF, stage graphics and advertising panels.

A variety of options to suite every need

  • Choose to print multiple boards in one run to further enhance productivity.
  • Use the printer's retractable register pins to position your prints for double-sided printing.
  • Select the double-strike function to make your prints even brighter and more intense.
  • Or choose borderless printing to avoid the extra finishing step, saving time and money.

:Anapurna M2540 FB Advanced Technology

  • The :Anapurna M2540 FB is outfitted with 11 retractable register pins. They position substrates perfectly to facilitate accurate double-sided printing.
  • While the printer is standing idle for long periods (e.g. the weekend) a head capping station prevents the print heads from clogging and enables immediate printing after restarting and warming up.
  • Ionizer elements eliminates electrostatic loads on the substrate ensuring optimum ink droplet control.
  • Although the revolutionary vacuum system holds the media very straight, a set of shuttle safety sensors on either side of the print carriage protects the valuable print heads by preventing them from hitting the media in case of irregularities.
  • A handy tray on the side of the printer stores the ink. Ink bottles are easily accessible and ink levels are monitored closely. An audible signal and a light indicate which colour needs to be refilled.

Anapurna M2540 FB Applications 2


  • Perfect fit for Digital Printers, Photo shops and Mid-Size Graphic Screen printers
  • Heavy-duty, turnkey and complete industrial UV inkjet system

Design Concept

  • Robustly Engineered - Professional - Flatbed UV Wide Format Printer
  • Includes all necessary components like 2 vacuum ring-blowers, shuttle safety sensors, ionizer elements.

Engine Features

  • Reinforced beam
  • Automated Media registration pins 7 horizontal / 4 vertical
  • 2 separate controllable vacuum tables with each 4 vacuum compartments (total 8 zones)
  • 2 x 1,5kW ring blowers ring blower for strong vacuum situated in the engine for less noise
  • Powerful fastcan motor
  • Automatic control of vacuum strength (inverter based)
  • Ionization bar mounted on each side of carriage to remove electrostatic load on media
  • Shuttle safety sensors on each side of the carriage
  • Network and USB (2) connection
  • Build-in printer controller
  • Vacuum table with 11.000 vacuum holes Air lifting: reversible vacuum to easily remove large media


  • Banners, Posters, Exhibition graphics, POP, Mock-ups, Backlit, Frontlit, Self adhesives (Labels)
  • Niche application: DVD printing, wood, Art reproductions, personalized object printing (mouse mats), …
  • Party gadgets (beer coasters, …)
  • Architectural and Interior decoration, Ceramics printing

Substrate Flexibility

  • Media: 256x156 cm
    print size: 254 x 154 cm
  • Multiple board printing
  • Media thickness up to 45 mm
  • Media weight up to 80 kg

Color Gamut

  • Capable of reproducing ISO 12647.2 in Poster (4pass Double Strike) and Photo (8 pass)

Text Quality

  • Positive: 4 point
  • Negative: 6 point

Image Quality

  • 4 pass bi-directional: poster quality mode for images and text.
  • 8 pass uni-directional: photo highest quality mode for vector, signs, solids, images and text
  • Uniform gloss
  • Express Mode Fastest printing mode for draft & layout jobs. 45 m²/h 484 sqf/h
  • Production Mode High productivity at an acceptable quality level. 26 - 28 m²/h 279 - 301 sqf/h
  • Poster Mode Best balance between speed & quality. 15 - 17 m²/h 161 - 182 sqf/h
  • Photo Mode For that extra bit of quality. 8 m²/h 86 sqf/h

Borderless Printing and Dual Board Printing Inks

  • 7 :Anapurna M G2 UV curable inks (CMYKLcLm and White = G3)


  • 6 Konica-Minolta: 1024 nozzles/head with a droplet volume of 12pl (colours)
  • 2 Konica-Minolta: 42pl (white in line)

Engine Dimensions

  • 4950 (w) x 1600 (h) x 2600(d)


  • 1866 kg


  • 380V - 415 V 3-phase star connection with Neutral wire (3x 30A*)
  • 208V - 240V 3-phase delta connection without Neutral wire (3x 30A*)

System Integration RIP

  • Wasatch SoftRIP Agfa Edition
  • Ready to use :Anapurna M2540 media/ink profiles available from reseller partner
Agfa Graphics Anapurna M2540 FB

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