:Azura TS

Agfa Graphics' :Azura TS is a thermal, negative working plate for low/medium volume commercial printing where simplicity, robustness and reliability are important. It provides the high quality imaging you’d expect from a thermal system, without chemical processing. Elimination of chemistry removes all process variables and simplifies platemaking, giving you clear, consistent results. :Azura TS users benefit from one of the simplest, most reliable and predictable CtP technologies ever created.

Key benefits

  • Elimination of process variables provides reliable, consistent results.
  • ThermoFuse physical imaging technology guarantees simplicity and convenience under a wide range of conditions.
  • Robust, scratch resistant plates provide easy handling.
  • Daylight processing adds convenience in any workflow.
  • No hazardous chemicals’ means a safer work environment for everyone.
  • Reduces waste and disposal costs associated with chemicals.
  • Printing directly from the aluminum substrate provides wide printing latitude.

Chemistry-free Thermal CtP Plate - A Breakthrough in CtP

:Azura TS uses ThermoFuse technology to physically bond images to the plate without any chemical processing. The result is highly stable and predictable thermal imaging, without any compromises on press. This built-in simplicity gives :Azura TS users an inherently wide working-latitude with fewer variables and higher reliability than other forms of CtP. :Azura TS is the recommended technology for printers who require the ultimate in predictable, stress-free, CtP technology. Because it requires no chemical processing, it reduces waste and eliminates prepress steps, helping you create a more streamlined workflow.

User Profile

:Azura TS is an excellent option for low/medium throughput thermal CtP users. It is available in sizes for 2-up, 4-up and 8-up printing applications.
:Azura TS can hold up to 2-98 % screen tints at 200 LPI, and delivers runs of up to 100K, depending on press conditions.

No process variables

:Azura TS is an easy addition to any workflow. Because it uses no chemical processing, it is safer, simpler and more consistent for everyone to use. And it provides the convenience of daylight handling, to fit in to any prepress environment.

No special press room handling

:Azura TS works with your existing press chemistry, so there is no need to change inks, fountain solutions, or alcohol substrates. It prints directly from its electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate, giving you a wider printing latitude.

High-quality results on press

:Azura TS provides 2-98% dpi screen tints at 200 LPI depending on imaging conditions yielding excellent results on press. It also gives you up to 100,000 impressions dependent on printing conditions for high productivity.

How :Azura TS Works...

During imaging, Thermofusable particles within :Azura TS are fused together by the thermal laser to create an image. A physical process then bonds the image to the substrate, with absolutely no chemical processing involved. A dedicated cleaning unit uses gum to finish the plate and clean the un-fused areas, leaving a press-ready :Azura TS plate.

Agfa Graphics' Azura TS

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