:Azura Vi

Based on proven photopolymer technology, Azura Vi is sensitized for visible lasers emitting at 405 nm, but, instead of requiring a chemical developer for processing, Azura Vi is Agfa Graphics' first violet plate designed for chemistry-free operation.

Key benefits

  • Brings proven benefits of Chemistry-free plate making to Violet CtP Users
  • Enables the use of exisiting & reliable violet CtP engines
  • Supports further cost reduction and simplification
  • Eliminates chemical processing variables
  • Consistent and predictable plate making
  • Reduces maintenance and cleaning
  • Minimizes waste generation
  • Low gum consumption
  • Clear physical image for inspection

Reduced Cost with greater image consistency

Based on proven photopolymer technology, Azura Vi combines outstanding lithographic quality with easy handling and excellent durability. However it does not require a low maintenance developer, so eliminating one of the main variables affecting image consistency. Printers can now use a simple clean out gum in their existing photopolymer plate processors after installing a simple modification kit or even use a less expensive clean out unit (COU) in case they want to replace an old processor.
Chemistry-free operation increases the green credentials of any commercial printer who is keen to minimize his environmental impact through less waste and no water usage during the process. Violet diode platesetters excel at low cost of ownership, extremely long life span and absolute reliability. Azura Vi is yet more proof of the lasting success of violet CtP.

This new, chemistry-free plate works with all mainstream violet CtP units currently in use at commercial print sites across the world and emitting at least 30 mW. During exposure, the violet laser diode starts the polymerisation of the image area, which is completed in the preheat section of the COU. Subsequently the plate is gummed with standard plate gum, removing the unexposed non-image area.

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Azura Vi is an excellent option for commercial printers.

Agfa Graphics Azura Vi

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