:Jeti 3020 Titan (FTR)

The Jeti 3020 Titan is the ultimate upgradeable high resolution production UV-inkjet printer wíth Flat To Roll option. The Jeti 3020 Titan challenges perceptions of what a printer can do for your business, delivering high resolution quality, high production speeds and the unique ability to increase the speed and capabilities of your Titan as your business grows.

Let your printer grow with your business

The Titan range starts with a 16 head unit delivering an impressive 1,216 ft²/hr (113 m²/hr) and is field upgradeable with white, light colours and more CMYK heads, to a massive 48 heads, giving 2,433 ft²/hr (226 m²/hr).
Titan offers different levels of speed and capability, allowing you to tune your Titan to your exact business needs.
Moreover the Titan has a Flat to Roll option that will give you the ability to print roll materials with the same high quality and resolution.

Maximize your return on investment
You win a big new contract and need more capacity or a bigger colour gamut, simply upgrade your Titan quickly and efficiently in your facility. Titan's unique field upgradeability, until now only available on the :M-Press, allows you to maximize your return on investment by allowing you to protect your original investment when you upgrade.

Choose your ideal Jeti 3020 Titan configuration

  1. 16 Ricoh Heads CMYK Entry level high quality printing
  2. 20 Ricoh Heads CMYK W High quality printing with white
  3. 32 Ricoh Heads CMYK Very high speed CMYK printing
  4. 36 Ricoh Heads CMYK W Very high speed CMYK printing with white
  5. 40 Ricoh Heads CMYK W W
    Very high speed CMYK printing with enhanced white throughput
  6. 48 Ricoh Heads CMYK lc lm Very high speed printing with light colours
No compromise on quality
The Titan delivers no compromise high resolution - 8 pico liter variable dot grey scale, at a native 600 dpi and can deliver 1200 dpi for photorealistic image quality and fine text down to 4pt positive and negative whilst still delivering intense band free solids. With this new head technology you will be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. With up to 48 print heads, the Titan can give you the flexibility of multi colour or white ink allowing increased flexibility and broadening the applications you can support.

FTR (Flat to Roll) Option
The Flat to Roll option gives the you the ability to print roll materials with the same high quality and resolution as rigid materials.

Gera Arte, Sao Paolo, Brazil is very happy with their Jeti 3020 Titan UV inkjet printer.

Jeti 3020 Titan

In-line white ink

White ink capability offers a print shop owner the ability to sell high value, backlit graphics and window clings on rigid and flexible media. White ink also gives printers with flatbed printers the ability to create specialty applications on almost any media or object. Doors, wood, glass, plexi-glass, tiles, stone, cardboard, metals - the list is endless. The Titan allows you to run single white, pre- and/or post white according to your application. White ink printing - it's real and it's profitable, and if you print window graphics for retail, it's a must-have capability.

Anti-static reliable printing

Many rigid medias are susceptible to static charge. This needn't be a worry with Titan's anti-static system. Mounted right on the carriage to pass over your media before jetting, both negatively and positively charged areas of your media are neutralized, giving you worry-free results year-round.

Advanced Electronics

The new electronics platform on the Jeti 3020 Titan is designed for the future. With processor upgrade capability the Titan has the power to keep your system running at top speed into the future. This power is not just for imaging, the Titan also features automatic head height adjustment so as you switch substrates the Titan adjusts as well with no loss of time. The laser media height detection system can automate the set up of new medias and check for damaged board edges. In-line shuttle safety sensors protect the printheads from inadvertent strikes.

Multiple board

With the Jeti 3020 Titan you can print multiple boards simultaneously, saving time and boosting productivity. Print three 60 x 40 inch boards side by side at the same time. Retractable register pins help the operator to position the rigid material perfectly in place, accurately and consistently board after board. The flatbed architecture can print anything flat up to two inches (5 cm) thick with a maximum dimension of 3.09 x 2.00 m.

We understand that customers always ask the impossible and so we have built in maximum flexibility to the system allowing you to stretch your printing to the maximum, drop the registration pins and you can squeeze an amazing 122 inches (3.09 metres) from your Titan.

FTR (Flat to Roll) Option

The Flat to Roll option gives the you the ability to print roll materials with the same high quality and resolution as rigid materials, without losing speed, enabling you to print banners and larger. The FTR option can handle rolls up to 250 lbs (113 kg) so you can buy media economically and compete in more markets.


  • Excellent choice for digital printers that think ahead
  • Perfect fit for Digital Printers, Photo shops and Mid-Size Graphic Screen printers
  • Heavy-duty, turnkey and complete industrial UV inkjet system
  • High quality output up to 2,433 ft²/hr (226 m²/hr).

Design concept

  • Robust steel framed platform - Professional Hybrid UV Wide Format Printer

Engine Features
  • Advanced linear motion technology for greater accuracy for 8pl drops
  • Includes the latest in advanced digital encoders and linear motors for unparalleled dot placement accuracy
  • Is equipped with the latest safety features
  • The flatbed is equipped with retractable registration pins for accurate substrate positioning
  • Holds enhanced UV light screening
  • The newest electronics on the market today
    • on-line interactive diagnostics and monitoring
    • automatic head-height adjustment
    • media height detection system


  • Banners, Posters, Exhibition graphics, POP, Mock-ups
  • Architectural and Interior decoration, Ceramics printing
  • Reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, foamboard, corrugated board, lenticular, tile, drywall, glass, sheet metal, paper and more

Head Technology
16, 20, 32, 36, 40, 48
Ricoh Piezoelectric Generation 4 heads

Print Resolution
Prints high quality up to 1200 dpi

Media Dimensions
Flatbed: 122" x 79" (309 cm x 200 cm)
Rolls: 126" (3.20 m)

Printing Area
Flatbed: 122" x 79" (309 cm x 200 cm)
Rolls: 122" (309 cm)

Max thickness
2" (5 cm)

Printing Speeds
Up to 2,433 ft²/hr (226 m²/hr)

Titan only Weight: 8,850 lbs (4,014 kg)
Add 2,600 lbs (1,179kg) for crating
Titan FTR only Weight: 1,308 lbs (593 kg)

Printer Dimensions
Uncrated Dimensions: 77.5" H x 95.5" W x 258" L (197 cm x 243 cm x 655 cm)

Crated Dimensions: 86" H x 101.5" W x 264.5" L (218 cm x 258 cm x 672 cm)

Titan with FTR Dimensions: 77.5" H x 167" W x 258" L (197 cm x 424 cm x 655 cm)

FTR only Crated dimensions: 38" H x 83.5" W x 177" L (96.5 cm x 212.1 cm x 450 cm)

Crated weight
Titan only Weight: 8,850 lbs (4,014 kg)

Add 2,600 lbs (1,179kg) for crating

Titan FTR only Weight: 1,308 lbs (593 kg)

Power Consumption
25 KVA (35A)

Electrical Requirements
400Y / 230V, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz

All our printers come with a wide choice of Rips depending on your applications and your existing workflow

Compressed Air
100 PSI minimum - 150 PSI (7-10 bar) maximum with a 10 gallon (40 liter tank) 15 cfm peak

Inks Shelf life is 1 year for UV Inks

Agfa Graphics's Jeti 3020 Titan FTR

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