Based on proven photopolymer technology, N94-VCF combines outstanding lithographic quality with easy handling, excellent durability and Eco-benefits. However, because it is a chemistry-free plate there is no need for a developer, meaning that one of the main variables affecting image consistency disappears.

Imaging & Processing Principle

This chemistry-free plate works with all mainstream violet CtP units currently in use at newspaper print sites across the world and emitting at least 30 mW. The plate is gummed with a dedicated pH neutral gum, during which process the soft, unexposed non-image area is easily and cleanly removed.

High Performance on Press

Although a chemistry-free plate, press operators will readily accept it as it looks, feels and behaves as any other metal offset plate. N94-VCF combines fast, accurate and wide-latitude plate exposure with chemistry-free processing, while ensuring predictable, consistent performance on press.

Durable Substrate

N94-VCF provides the solid foundation for consistent press performance. Advanced electrochemical graining and anodising yield the reliability and robustness needed on a newspaper press and the durability required to produce long press runs.

Easy maintenance and less waste

Apart from the stable and quick imaging process, chemfree solutions come with a reduced environmental impact. No hazardous processing chemicals are used. The gum is pH-neutral and there is a substantial water saving. Just like with thermofuse solutions, violet chemfree offers major advantages in maintenance time.

Agfa Graphics' N94-VCF

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