CtP Solutions for Commercial Printers

Different CtP systems accommodate different business, productivity and application needs. That's why Agfa gives you the choice. Our visible light, thermal and chemistry-free technologies each bring unique benefits to your commercial printing workflow.

A Choice of Quality CtP Solutions.

No matter which system you choose, Agfa is committed to helping you maximize your investment with our worldwide service and support. Our experts will help you choose the perfect system for your needs.

Visible Light CtP.

Visible-light imaging systems provide fast throughput for increased workflow productivity. Agfa's durable violet CtP systems offer a 10-year laser lifespan, which reduces maintenance and lowers the cost of operation.

Thermal CtP.

Agfa's thermal CtP systems offer a combination of razor-sharp imaging and fast throughput, for consistent, high quality plate production. Additionally, our :Elantrix processors are built from high quality components to guarantee your press-room a steady flow of press-ready plates.

ThermoFuse CtP.

The :Azura TS (chemistry-free) and :Amigo TS (development-free) plate systems achieve greater workflow efficiency and improved plate reliability by eliminating or dramatically reducing chemical processing.

List of products

Aluva N
Aluva P
Amigo TS
Avalon B8-24 S/XT
Avalon N16
Avalon N24 / N36 / N40 / N48
Avalon N4
Avalon N8
Azura C65 COU
Azura C95 – C125 COU
Azura CX 85 - CX 125 COU
Azura TE
Azura TS
Azura TU
Azura Vi
Elantrix HX
Elantrix SX
Energy Elite
Energy Elite Pro
Energy Xtra
IntelliSyst remote diagnostics
Lithostar Ultra LAP-V
Thermostar P970

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