CtP & Plates for Packaging & Labels Printing

Different CtP systems accommodate different business, productivity and application needs. That's why Agfa gives you the choice. Our thermal and chemistry-free technologies come in a variety of sizes, and feature different levels of automation to fit your unique requirements.

The widest selection of CtP systems

Visible Light CtP

Visible-light imaging systems provide fast throughput for increased workflow productivity. Agfa's durable violet CtP systems offer a 10-year laser lifespan, which reduces maintenance and lowers the cost of operation.

Thermal CtP
Agfa's thermal systems offer razor-sharp imaging and fast throughput, for consistent, high-quality plate production. A range of sizes, speeds and automation options are available to meet your needs.

ThermoFuse CtP

The :Azura and :Amigo plate systems provide improved plate predictability and workflow efficiency by eliminating or dramatically reducing chemical processing. This breakthrough technology is the most efficient and easy-to-operate system available.

List of products

Aluva N
Aluva P
Avalon N4
Azura C65 COU
Azura C95 – C125 COU
Azura CX 85 - CX 125 COU
Azura TE
Azura TS
Azura TU
Azura Vi
Energy Elite
Energy Elite Pro
Energy Xtra
IntelliSyst remote diagnostics
Lithostar Ultra LAP-V
Thermostar P970

Agfa Graphics' CtP & Plates Solutions

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