Apogee StoreFront
The cloud-based web-to-print solution

Set up and manage online stores for both printed and non-print products. Offer businesses an easy to use yet powerful tool to personalize documents. Save time and avoid errors by integrating the ecommerce platform with the print production workflow.

Apogee StoreFront is for


As the Marketing Communications Manager of Sundiver, a sportswear retail chain, Sharon relies on Apogee StoreFront to provide all the employees with an online repository of the print and non-print products they need. It is available 24/7 from any location.

  • Sundiver has its own stores as well as a franchise network. By setting access rights, people can only see and order those products that are relevant to them. Franchisees who don’t sell the full product range do not see brochures or datasheets for products they don’t sell.
  • For time-limited promotions Sharon uses the scheduling function to specify that sales leaflets are only available for a specific time frame.
    To monitor expenditure and to make sure that customized print meets the company branding guidelines all orders go through an approval cycle. Managers get a notification when new orders by people in their department or region need to be approved.
  • The Sundiver web-to-print shop isn’t only used for printed matter; it also contains an extensive range of promotional gadgets. These are delivered from their printer’s warehouse but Sharon can easily monitor stock levels herself.
  • Since their store is a marketing tool towards their franchisees, Sharon uses Google Analytics to measure the success of e-mail and social media campaigns.


Print service providers

Marc is the sales manager for Everprint, a print service provider. He uses Apogee StoreFront as a commercial tool, to extend their service offering and improve customer retention.

  • Everprint has offset and digital presses. Marc sells a wide range of products and Apogee StoreFront can handle all of them, from high-volume catalogs to data sheets that are printed on demand. It can even be used to order products such as pens or USB sticks.
  • The most successful are products that the print buyers can customize themselves, such as promotional material or stationery. Even though Everprint offers design services, it is faster and more cost-efficient to enable the customer to design repetitive documents.
  • Mark lets their e-commerce system handle the repetitive daily orders, freeing him up to do more prospection and manage the personal relationship with customers. It is an added bonus that the online order status and delivery tracking options also lower the call rate at the Everprint help desk.
  • Convincing business prospects of the value of web-to-print can be a challenge. Mark uses the StoreFront Pitch tool to create teaser campaigns.
  • If new customers sign up for the web-to-print service, Mark knows that Apogee StoreFront is up for the challenge. Because it is a cloud service, it is easy to order more capacity and scale the system.


Automation is key in today’s competitive market. As the prepress manager of Everprint, Andy is constantly looking into reducing overhead and avoiding double data entry. Apogee StoreFront is one of his main tools to achieve those goals.

  • The web-to-print solution offers seamless integration with Apogee Prepress, the production workflow of Everprint. Apogee Prepress automatically downloads all the orders and starts processing them. Andy already predefined the preferred production process for business cards, folders, posters and other products. This saves time and improves throughput.
  • When print buyers upload their own files while ordering, Apogee StoreFront does a preflight check to validate the uploaded data. The buyer is informed if fonts are missing or the image resolution is too low. This makes sure potential problems get detected early.
  • Before they invested in Apogee Prepress, Andy’s team used a mix of RIPs for their output devices. In those days Apogee StoreFront system was configured to export all order data to the FTP server – making it easy to access the data that needed to be processed.
  • Andy is now looking into the MIS Export option of Apogee StoreFront. This module can forward order data to the MIS, or Management Information System that Everprint uses. This will be their next step in automating the entire production chain.


What are printers saying about Apogee StoreFront?

Grafik plus

Apogee StoreFront has the advantage of offering a modern interface and deploying easy-to-use shops in the brand colors of our clients.

Frédérik Le Corre – Grafik plus – Rosny-sous-Bois, France

Bosmans sets up web-to-print stores with Apogee StoreFront that help them gain and retain business

Web-to-print fits really well into our plans to put more emphasis on short-run personalized print products.

Bern Bosmans – Bosmans Graphic Solutions – Lommel, Belgium

Agfa Graphics' print and web-to-print solutions reveal new paths to ePrint

We have been using it for two years now and the results show both in sales and in expanding the number of customers aware of our solutions.

Hilton Lucas – ePrint – Cajamar, Brazil


Apogee StoreFront 3.0 is great for one of our automotive industry customers. The store that we built for them contains about 250 products in over 20 categories, ranging from brochures and newsletters to stock photos and videos. The ability to group related documents in subcategories will make it easier for the car dealers to navigate the store. The animated banners allow their marketing team to highlight new brochures or promote product videos that were recently added to the web-to-print shop.

René M. Jørgensen – Kailow – Rødovre, Denmark

Apogee StoreFront enables PrintOff Graphic Arts to expand its reach

The integration with Apogee Prepress is really important to us. It saves us a lot of time because orders are automatically imported in Apogee Prepress without the need to rekey data.

John Spencer – Printoff – Nelson, United Kingdom