Azura. It doesn’t get more convenient.

As the worldwide pioneer and leader in chemistry-free technology over the past ten years, we believe convenience is what your prepress and printing operations require most. Our chemistry-free printing plates are designed to offer you exactly that.

Whichever Azura solution you opt for, it will help you save the environment as well as time and money, while at the same time guaranteeing you a superior image contrast, excellent daylight handling and fast make-ready.

An Azura printing plate for every commercial printer

Azura TS chemistry-free solution – absolute stability and consistency, wide printing latitude and a run length up to 100,000 copies

Calculate your savings with Azura TS

Azura TU chemistry-free solution – all of the above, yet bringing even higher imaging speeds and plate throughput, and a run length up to 150,000 copies

Calculate your savings with Azura TU

Azura TE direct-on-press plates – eliminating virtually all prepress steps, with a focus on shorter run jobs up to 75,000 copies.

The history and a number of nice-to-know facts about the pioneering chemistry-free plate in one infographic

From Bauxite to Finished Printing Plate

Get a rare look behind the scenes of the printing production process, from the raw bauxite to the high-quality printing plate.

What Azura Customers Say

DG3 cut energy, waste and costs with Azura TU

With the Azura TU plate we have a chemistry free plate with all the environmental benefits that brings, but we haven't compromised on speed. With the amount of plates we produce, this was essential.

Dax Britton, Prepress Manager, DG3 – Gillingham, UK


The plate’s deep blue contrast allows the press operator to literally see everything on the plate, up to the smallest detail. [...] We really appreciate this feature because it already prevented a few errors from being printed.

E. Rebmann, Manager Prepress – Technoprint, France