10+ Years of innovation

The first seeds for the Azura printing plates were sown as far back as the late 1960’s, when one of Agfa’s researchers described the use of ‘latex coagulation technology’ for imaging purposes for the first time. With the launch of Azura in 2004 began more than a decade of innovation and consistent improvements in printing plate developments…

ThermoFuseTM – Revolutionary platemaking technology

In conventional CtP systems, the heat or light from the laser hits the sensitized layers of the plate to form a latent image. Next, the plate is developed in a chemical process. This makes the latent image stable and durable.

With Agfa Graphics’ ThermoFuseTM technology, laser power is used to melt ultrafine thermoplastic particles and fuse them together to create a durable image on the aluminum plate substrate. This image does not need chemical development; it is ready immediately after imaging. The only thing left to do is to remove unused latex in the non-image areas in a clean-out step, using gum. Plates show excellent, consistent press behavior.

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