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Customer Case  | AF Sign Studio, MALTA  | 25 June 2015

AF Sign Studio

Fabricating Ideas

Our preference for the solutions from Agfa Graphics is based on our experience with the reliability of the equipment and the software features of the new Asanti workflow.

AF Sign Studio is a Maltese company, founded in 1994 by Directors Alan and Fiona Piscopo, specialized in designing sign and display solutions by fusing art and technology, creating innovative ideas and using the latest available industrial technology.

AF Sign Studio's customers are local banks, government institutions, franchise companies, the airport and McDonalds amongst others. They expect personalized branding solutions based on experience and creativity.

Fiona Piscopo proudly states: "We stay ahead of the competition thanks to the dynamism and motivation of our team of 30 people. They are continuously trained in the various sign and display segments, such as signage, vehicle wrapping, large format printing and trade fair stands."

"Part of the success of AF Sign Studio is a one stop full service, starting from the creation of concepts, the design, the production and finally the installation of the product," she explains. "We tend to be available 24/7 which allows us most often to meet the agreed deadlines."

"This year we replaced our Anapurna MW and our Jeti from Gandi Innovations by two new wide-format inkjet printers: an Anapurna M2500i and an Anapurna M3200i from Agfa Graphics. Our preference for Agfa Graphics' solutions is based on the reliability of the equipment and the software features of the Asanti workflow," says Alan Piscopo. "At the end you don't only build experience with a machine, but you also build a relationship with a supplier and its people. And that is what happened with us and Agfa."

He continues: "We booked a lot of progress in our color management by adopting the Asanti workflow and the ‘Calibrated Print Modes’. The powerful Color Management System (CMS) is embedded, but in fact hidden in the workflow. That means that instead of overloading the operator with lots of bells and whistles, the user interface is reduced to a strict minimum. Our operators simply select the right color profile based on the media, the quality and the print engine and automatically it delivers the optimal result. That is where we get an advantage: everyone on the work floor can understand and do it. And this by the way also counts for the Anapurna user interface. It is very flexible when it comes to the position of the images on the machine... very easy to work with."

"We have an excellent relation with Agfa Graphics and their local distributor Attard & Co. The company has a long-standing reputation in the graphic arts business and we think they have a strong strategy for the future in digital printing. Buying our first Anapurna years ago was a revolution. The new inkjet printers are faster and we like the higher quality. We need it also, to meet the high client expectations. With the new roll-to-roll system on the Anapurna M3200i we use the new A-Sign Coatex media from Agfa. "

"Now we aim at harvesting new clients of course, promoting new ways of doing signage and making them happy customers."

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