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Customer Case  | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  | 07 July 2017

Agfa solutions transform the printing concept at Grupo Geka

Agfa revolutionizes the printing process at Grupo Geka
Grupo Geka acquires Agfa solutions and transforms its print concepts
Grupo Geka gets a qualitative leap with the acquisition of Agfa solutions

Grupo Geka from Rio de Janeiro has a rich history of 15 years in visual communication, with winning projects to large Brazilian and global companies. The company relies today on a first-world structure, with an industrial park of 6,000 square meters at its headquarters and a subsidiary of 1,000 square meters, with a total of more than 350 employees.

Aiming at the constant evolution of services in a profitable, flexible and sustainable way, Geka decided to invest in Agfa products. Since 2014, the Agfa Jeti Titan HS equipment completely revolutionized the solutions offered by the company. Recently, two more acquisitions boasted the company's productivity and automation: the Agfa Acorta cutting table and the Agfa Asanti workflow.

Jeti Titan enhances print quality and versatility

The partnership between Geka and Agfa began with two Jeti Titan HS, which changed the production concept, as José Carlos Dias Monteiro, Commercial Director at Geka, tells us: "With Jeti Titan, we had an upgrade in terms of quality. They complemented precisely our printing complex. We want the reliability of a company that offers the necessary support at a good final cost. And that's what Agfa gives us".

The equipment efficiency is proven by the acquisition of another Agfa Jeti Titan HS, already in full operation at Geka's subsidiary, also in Rio de Janeiro. José Carlos highlights the benefits of the equipment: "Digital printing has been conquering space within the industry. Agfa's digital printers are reliable, they present wonderful quality and incredible color vibrancy. We have a resistant print, no problems with color. This gave us the agility and the ability to reach many customers with the platform, due to the combination of speed and low cost".

Customers approve the Agfa's quality, as John Paul Frossard, Grupo Geka's production manager, affirms: "Now our customers want their work printed exclusively with Agfa, because of the quality, speed and robustness of the equipment. It is worth highlighting its flexibility. The machine works with rigid and flexible materials with perfection. It has a large production table that serves all types of media, in addition to excellent color gamut and consistency, performing different jobs without stops".

Eduardo Sousa, marketing manager of Agfa Graphics for Latin America, sees Grupo Geka as an example of efficiency: "What impresses us at Grupo Geka is the ability to understand the solutions we have at hand and use them for making final products with unique quality, capable of attracting everyone's attention. And Agfa works hard to offer a portfolio that brings aspects of versatility for a flexible production adapted to the new demands of printing, as well as ongoing support to our customers".

Now our customers want their work printed exclusively with Agfa equipment.

John Paul Frossard, Production Manager of Grupo Geka

Software and cutting table take production into a new level
After the proven success with Jeti Titan, Grupo Geka moved forward with new investments in Agfa solutions for a new transformation in their production processes. So they purchased Agfa's Asanti workflow software and Acorta cutting table, inserting Agfa in every print stage at Geka.

Frossard highlights the complete management of the production thanks to Asanti: "One of its main features is the workflow, making it possible to manage the whole work with a number of reports to better control production. Its approach to PDF is also noteworthy. By maintaining the PDF format, we guarantee the best quality to the file output. On the top of everything, it has a database that stores every job information and history. You have every data required in case you need to repeat any job. This offers to the prepress stage unmatched dynamism and automation".

The robust multiplatform software facilitates other production operations, like printing and cutting: "Agfa solutions can streamline processes. We can unify the printing and the finishing processes, thus improving the fitting and use of material. By automatically unifying the cut output, the equipment only scans the predetermined cutting register in the print", explains the commercial director.

The employees at Grupo Geka were impressed with the ability of the operating camera mounted in the Acorta cutting table: "We can assemble many plates on the same table at a great speed, simultaneously. It is amazing for continuous productions with large print runs at a much lower cost", says João Paulo. The vacuum sectorization on the table contributed to the perfect control and use of vacuum, with a better suction of the media and more effectiveness to cut thinner media at high speed.

José Carlos considers the cutting table critical to the execution of their current projects: "The Acorta proved itself to be a very reliable equipment with ideal linear speed. Without combining those Agfa solutions, we would not have been able to meet the high demand of printing volume during the Olympic Games in a flexible and versatile way. In this period we managed to win some customers who will surely bring long-term results".

Grupo Geka stood out during the Olympic Games among global companies, producing decals for thousands of cars, mounting stands and points of sale, installing signage throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro and many other projects that caught the attention of everyone who made part of the event.

Efficient support is Agfa's competitive edge
Agfa aims to fulfill the customer's needs in a wide range of possibilities to build loyalty, with a mindset of partnerships. "That is why we chose Agfa, for the quality, customer service and reliable equipment. It's an accessible company that adds to our business. We could contact Agfa's CEO personally. This makes it much easier, because our demands are heard. We are growing and strengthening the partnership, which may yield even more in the future", says José Carlos Dias Monteiro.

The concept of being on the customer's side meeting all their demands is Agfa's commitment: "Grupo Geka is a huge partner. We are pleased to see the results the company has achieved with our workflow, printing and cutting solutions. The material prepared for the Olympic Games shows spectacular quality thanks to Geka's smart use of solutions. It is a leading company with special different projects, and that is why they are increasing their market share. We want to be Grupo Geka's partner for a long time to come and do whatever is in our power for a perfect service", concludes Eduardo Sousa.

Jeti Titan S/HS

Jeti Titan S/HS

The Jeti Titan S and HS are true flat-bed, 3-meter-wide UV-curable printers. They achieve speeds up to 160 m²/h and come with a flat-to-roll option.



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