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Customer Case  | Continuga, Heule, BELGIUM  | 02 December 2014


The introduction of Apogee InkSave has resulted in much more stable printing

Tom Deschildre and Kristoff Decroix
CEO and Prepress Manager

Continuga was set up as an administrative printing company in 1948. Today Continuga is both a publisher and a sheet and rotation offset printer that is also active in digital printing. With its 95 employees, the company generates a turnover of €14m.

We spoke with Tom Deschildre, CEO, and Kristoff Decroix, prepress manager.

What type of printed products does Continuga produce?

We offer a total package of communicative and administrative printed materials, from business cards to quality brochures and personalised mailings for business to business customers. We are known for our total package and personalised customer approach. The emphasis is on service, innovation and automation.

Why did you choose the Apogee workflow?

It's a total package made up of different modules and everything is embedded within the same software application, which is clearly structured (process plans), user friendly and can easily be extended. Apogee is the heart of our production, it's an easy way to obtain consistent and high quality printing.

Which functionalities do you appreciate most in Apogee?

"Color Quality Manager" and "Colortune Measure" are two user-friendly tools that enable us to keep our proofers, platesetter and presses within the ISO12647-2 standard and that make for reliable printing.
We are also quite satisfied with Apogee Impose, which facilitates the preparation of impositions for brochures (imposition with JDF fold Catalog codes) and also of combined impositions, e.g. for printing different business cards on the same sheet of paper. Apogee Impose is mainly used for sheet offset, which represents about 20% of our jobs. That's why we are looking forward to Apogee v 8 which will support the imposition functionality in rotation printing.

What is your experience with Apogee InkSave?

We use InkSave not so much for saving ink as for more stable printing.
InkSave results not only in significantly less color cast and faster color acquisition but also in much more stable printing.

Is it important for you that Apogee has certifications such as Fogra, CIP4, GWG?

Yes, because it guarantees that the software is perfectly OK. The fact that Agfa Graphics has gold status with Adobe and Microsoft does not directly benefit us, but it does benefit the R&D of Agfa Graphics, so we also indirectly benefit from it.

What is your experience with digital printing?

We have an Igen3 and an Igen4 (Xerox), two Nuveras (Xerox), one Docutech (Xerox) and one OCE 6250 black/white digital press.
Digital printing is used mainly for business cards, greeting cards and the like, but also for bulk orders (e.g. on plastic) and personalised letters and brochures.
We also combine offset with digital printing; letter heads are printed on our offset presses and subsequently personalised on the digital presses.
Apogee drives both the digital workflow and the sheet and rotation offset workflow.

Are you satisfied with the service of Agfa Graphics?

We are very pleased with the service that Agfa Graphics offers.

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