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Customer Case  | Daicolo, Osaka, JAPAN  | 10 October 2018

Japanese school album printer Daicolo saved time and money by moving its prepress workflow to the cloud

Since Daicolo (Osaka, Japan) deployed Agfa Graphics’ Apogee workflow software in the cloud in January 2018, the country’s leading school album printer could reduce the amount of computer servers and increase the efficiency in its prepress department.

Daicolo is the leading printing company in Japan in the field of school albums. It continually aims to increase its operational efficiency by investing in IT solutions. As it needed to invest a lot of time and money in managing and updating the servers in its prepress department, it decided to move Apogee prepress workflow to the cloud. “Cloud solutions were already familiar within our company, because we had already established a mechanism to streamline interaction with customers through the Internet”, says Mr. Shusaku Matsumoto, President of Daicolo. “In the future, we will provide an even better service to our clients thanks to Apogee Cloud.”

President Mr. Shusaku Matsumoto

The four main advantages of Apogee Cloud for Daicolo

1. No more PC servers

Daicolo used up to deploy six computer servers for workflow management, all of which could be disposed of by installing Apogee Cloud and unifying its prepress workflow in the cloud. In addition, the cost for upgrading computer servers was replaced by a monthly fee for the use of Apogee Cloud.

2. Secure operations

Because it handles a lot of personal information, Daicolo needs to be able to rely on these data being treated in a secure way. Apogee Cloud is always managed according to the latest security measures, so Daicolo can operate on a high-security level.

3. Increased processing speed & stable output

Apogee Cloud improved Daicolo’s processing speed compared to when the company still used its own computer servers. In the busy season after the introduction of Apogee Cloud, Daicolo processed up to 2,000 files a day without problems.

4. Software always up-to-date

As Daicolo’s DTP production environment is diverse, data processing using the latest workflow is quintessential. Since Apogee Cloud always incorporates the latest APPE version, Daicolo is perfectly able to cope with different production environments.

Company profile

DAICOLO co., LTD – Osaka, Japan
Commercial printing company specialized in school photo albums
Founded in 1953
357 employees

Apogee Cloud

Apogee Cloud

Apogee’s trademark efficiency, in the form of a unique, cloud-based solution. Discover the flexibility, user-friendliness, and high-security approach of Apogee Cloud.

Why it makes perfect sense to move your workflow to the cloud:

Why it makes perfect sense to move your workflow to the cloud:

Cloud technology offers publishing experts new ways of improving efficiency while meeting the challenges of the future: growing amounts of data, customer data integrity, foolproof data storage, excellent performance and permanent accessibility.


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