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Customer Case  | Oostende, BELGIUM  | 25 August 2016

Goekint Graphics – “Environmental friendliness is becoming increasingly important”

At commercial printing company Goekint Graphics, innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship are key elements. In May 2016, the company invested in Agfa Graphics’ Arkana smart plate processing technology in combination with the new Energy Elite Eco printing plates.

Goekint Graphics is part of the Albe De Coker, a family business with a history of 140 years and one of Belgium’s leading sheet offset printing companies. The company pays a lot of attention to sustainable entrepreneurship. Controlling and reducing their environmental impact is an essential and active part of their day-to-day management.

While Albe De Coker focuses mainly on high-quality print jobs for the art world, Goekint Graphics mainly addresses larger run lengths. The company deploys ultramodern KBA Rapida 106 presses, some of which are equipped with HUV technology.

Having trialed the Energy Elite Eco printing plates for a couple of months, Goekint Graphics brought the Arkana smart processor into use in May 2016. After a short period offline, the Arkana was put into online operation. The team is very pleased with the quality of the plates and also particularly appreciates the small amount of clean chemistry that is needed to clean the plate, and the reduction of waste and maintenance that can be achieved with the new smart processing solution.


Agfa Graphics is committed to sustainable innovation that focuses on ecology, economy, and extra convenience—or ECO³. We aim at developing cleaner and cost-effective solutions that are easier to operate and maintain, both for chemistry-free and for conventional plate systems.

Energy Elite Eco

Ready for the next generation of no-bake, long-run thermal printing plates? Energy Elite Eco has it all: an even higher run length, photorealistic imaging quality and advanced ECO3 features.


Deploying Agfa Graphics' revolutionary patented cascade system, the Arkana smart plate processor saves printers both time and money, while making operations more ecological and convenient.

Avalon 8-up series

From entry-level platesetters to high-end computer-to-plate (CtP) engines – the Avalon 8-up series of thermal platesetters for commercial printing has a best-in-class solution in store for every need.


Innovate, interact, and optimize. That’s the Apogee philosophy with which you stay ahead of the competition. Because quality and efficiency can never be rated too high in the printing business.

Apogee StoreFront

Setting up and managing well-designed, customer-friendly online stores to sell your print and non-print products – that’s what Apogee StoreFront is all about.

  • ECO³


    Agfa is committed to sustainable innovation that focuses on ecology, economy, and extra convenience—or ECO³. Our hardware, software and consumables make your prepress and printing operations cleaner, more cost-effective and easier to operate and maintain. The ultimate goal? More value for your entire printing business!


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