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Customer Case  | I Kathimerini, Athens, GREECE  | 14 January 2015

I Kathimerini


The quality of Agfa Graphics’ products and services is up to the level that we expect and need. It allows us to function, grow and differentiate from the competition in order to stay a major player in the Greek newspaper publishing industry.

Mr George Kosifologos
Plant Manager at Kathimerines Ekdoseis

I Kathimerini (Greek: Η Καθημερινή, meaning “The Daily”) is a daily morning and Sunday newspaper published and printed in Athens since 1919 and distributed in the whole country. An English edition is sold separately in the United States and also as a supplement to the International Herald Tribune in Greece and Cyprus. This high-quality broadsheet has maintained its traditional layout, including the original griffin logo, and incorporates illustrated glossy inserts in the Sunday edition.

The printing department of Kathimerines Ekdoseis S.A. recently adopted the Antura Fount 700 in combination with the chemistry-free offset plate N94-VCF which they had already been using for quite some time. The fountain solution is a crucial component for their printing presses and consequently it was important to monitor the outcome of such a change in detail.

We spoke to Mr George Kosifologos, Plant Manager at Kathimerines Ekdoseis concerning the recent experiences with the new Antura Fount 700.

Mr Kosifologos opened the conversation saying: "Agfa Graphics is a reliable partner for my company, supplying a total computer-to-plate (CtP) prepress solution that includes all required products and services to keep our demanding offset print production workflow up to speed. This year I decided to start using Agfa Graphics' fount and in the meanwhile I'm convinced that this was the right thing to do. Agfa Graphics develops and manufactures a full range of pressroom supplies including fountain solutions, plate care products, press washes and gumming products, specifically adapted to their violet and thermal digital plates."

Why have you chosen the Antura Fount 700 of Agfa Graphics ?

"The services provided by the Agfa Graphics team have played a decisive role in choosing the product. It's without any doubt an advantage to deal with a company that knows all about plates and chemistry in a CtP workflow."

What is your experience with the new fount so far?

"The overall benefit of the Antura Fount 700 for the offset print production workflow is related to the perfectly optimized ink/water balance of the N94-VCF plate on the press. The combination of Antura Fount 700 with the N94-VCF plate results in a very stable press run, only requiring minimal amounts of the fountain solution and achieving very short start-up times. Needless to say that this also has a positive influence on the consistency of our final print quality! Our coldset press running with the N94-VCF easily achieves an average print run of more than 20,000 copies. And we also apply this hybrid fount solution additive on our heatset offset press, for the printing of inserts, taking advantage of the same benefits.
Besides that, the Antura Fount 700 tends to eliminate occasional ink piling and blinding issues on the plate, it prevents foaming effects in the tanks and decreases the pollution of the fount solution filters. We also started using an appropriate bacterial system cleaner to keep the fount solution spray system clean. This has allowed us to cut back on the press maintenance interventions and it limits the amount of press stops to a minimum."

What benefits are you gaining from partnering with Agfa Graphics?

"A big part of our strategic operations and decision making processes are directly connected with the local Agfa Graphics organization, leading to considerable time savings. In terms of operations, engineering and support, it is more efficient to embrace the solution from a single vendor, especially when it is backed up with expertise and customer support. A newspaper print production workflow must be able to rely on professional services anytime. The quality of Agfa Graphics' products and services is up to the level that we expect and need. It allows us to function, grow and differentiate from the competition in order to stay a major player in the Greek newspaper publishing industry."

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