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Customer Case  | IPD, SOUTH KOREA  | 09 December 2012


The environment-friendly solutions help us to position IPD as a leader in technology and sustainable processes.

Mr. Lee
Manager of the prepress department

Staying ahead of competition through value-added services and the N94-VCF environment-friendly prepress solution.

Back in 1990 IPD started with the printing of classified ads for newspapers. In 2006, Woo-Su Lee, manager of the prepress department, decided to invest in CtP lines. With this move, IPD was taking the technology lead in South-Korea. Today IPD is one of the largest hybrid printers in South Korea. With a variety of Agfa Graphics prepress solutions, IPD is sure to stay in pole position. The Arkitex OptiInk and violet chem-free N94-VCF plate solutions are important to keep the innovation pace high. This innovative attitude enabled IPD to manage and reach higher quality levels and also positioned the company as a sustainable and environment-friendly company in the Korean newspaper market.

Mr. Lee explains: "Two years ago IPD switched from Kodak offset plate making to Agfa Graphics with its violet chem-free offset plates. Initially we used the N92-VCF, and in the meanwhile the improved N94-VCF. We noted a considerable saving of water thanks to the limited water and maintenance requirements of the violet chem-free solution. This resulted in about 40% water saving.

The N94-VCF system runs trouble-free and clean. There is no clogging of sludge in the motors and pumps. Because of the clean-out process with pH neutral gum, rather than a chemical development, process variation is limited. This results in consistent plate making and stable plate quality, as well as avoids unexpected costly interruptions.

The maintenance of the violet chem-free system is easy and needs only 50% of the time compared to a conventional violet plate system. Working with the Agfa Graphics violet chem-free solution is really operator-friendly and straight forward: no need to check quality on every plate. On press this N94-VCF plate has a similar behavior to a conventional processing plate and it delivers great image quality. All of this made the technology transition smooth, and it was easy for the operators to adapt to the new way of working.

Mr. Lee adds: "Changing technology in a high throughput environment is always a risky and sometimes cumbersome project. But with the ease-of-use and stable performance of the N94-VCF system, the transition was smooth and the operators now have time for extra tasks. On top of that, the environment-friendly solutions help us to position IPD as a leader in technology and sustainable processes."


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