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Customer Case  | Kampert-Nauta, Oss, NETHERLANDS  | 21 October 2015


FS909AF fount

Dutch printing company Kampert-Nauta uses Agfa Graphics’ fount solutions in its press environment. They love the quality of the product and the fact that it is optimally tuned to all other prepress and press elements.

Kampert-Nauta (Oss, the Netherlands) is a printing company with a history of 120 years. They offer sheetfed and web offset printing, as well as digital printing in all sizes. Besides printing, they also develop and manage online image databases, web-to-print systems, automated lay-outing and database publishing. Kampert-Nauta has its own design department and studio. Warehousing and distribution of print jobs are also part of their offering. They work for multinationals as well as for small and medium-sized companies. The company employs 125 full-time equivalents and a lot of temporaries.

The company prints commercial work on their heatset press, including brochures, flyers and leaflets. The predictability of print jobs is of the utmost importance to them and their clients. Therefore prepress department houses state-of-the-art prepress equipment: Agfa Graphics’ Avalon N16-50 XT platesetter and Elantrix 125SX processor and Elantrix oven 150 S, which are used to image and develop Thermostar P970 printing plates. Agfa Graphics’ Apogee software is the powerful workflow solution that puts production on the right lines.

Since 2012, Kampert-Nauta has been using Agfa Graphics Fount FS909AF. “Given that we were already using multiple Agfa Graphics products in our prepress environment, and that we were happy with Agfa Graphics’ good service, we decided to source founts from Agfa Graphics too. At Kampert-Nauta, we love quality and Agfa Graphics can offer it—at a good price,” says André Brouwer
Head of Offset Production. “To us, it is important that we have a single point-of-contact for all our questions regarding platesetter, processor and plates.”

The FS909AF brings quite a number of advantages. It cleans the plates well and results in greater stability… The printing plates don’t need to be treated if there is a longer stop during printing. This means the plates don’t need to be gummed because the fount offers a good protection.

André Brouwer says: “The FS909AF fount performs well in daily production. The ink-water balance is better than with our previous product. As the fount has been accredited by Agfa Graphics in combination with the Thermostar P970 (baked) printing plate, we have an optimal situation.”

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