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Customer Case  | Kseroplast-Plus, Zakrzewo, Poland  | 10 October 2018

Agfa for the sixth time: advanced Jeti Tauro 2500 LED plotter at Kseroplast-Plus

An Agfa Jeti Tauro 2500 LED hybrid plotter – one of the first such plotters in Poland – was recently commissioned at Kseroplast-Plus, a company located in Zakrzewo near Poznań. This is already the sixth printing solution from Agfa delivered to this dynamically growing company over the last eight years. Presently, the inkjet printing equipment of Kseroplast-Plus consists solely of Agfa solutions using the energy-efficient UV LED technology, and the oldest of these solutions has been in use for only one and a half years.

“Kseroplast-Plus is a perfect example of a client that develops and conquers new markets, systematically investing in new, more advanced and efficient solutions from our brand” – says Przemysław Arabski, head of the Polish department of digital printing at Agfa. “When we delivered the first plotter in 2010, Andrzej Wentland, owner of the company, was just starting his adventure with the UV inkjet technology and its use for direct printing on rigid and flexible substrates. Looking back, we can see our long and interesting journey – from entry-level and mid-level solutions of the Anapurna series, which printed on media with a width of up to 2.05 m to high-performance production machines such as the ones delivered in recent months: Anapurna RTR3200i LED (with a width of 3.2 m) and Jeti Tauro 2500 LED (with a width of 2.5 m). We are very pleased and satisfied to watch the fast and stable growth of Kseroplast-Plus, particularly considering the fact that its owner has just invested in our solution for the sixth time”.

“Similarly to our previous UV plotters, we had no doubt as to who our supplier would be. We have been bound with the Agfa brand for almost a decade, and our cooperation with this supplier has been excellent. We owe our continued development to investments in new, more technologically advanced solutions, and our sales consultant, Przemysław Arabski, is treated almost like a member of our own crew” – says Andrzej Wentland. “Similarly to our earlier purchases, we have again relied on his professional advice, both during selection of the machine and its configuration”.

The Jeti Tauro 2500 LED plotter – similarly to other printing machines of Agfa – has been installed in a new production building that was commissioned this year. “We really wanted to finally – after years of doing business at two separate locations – place all of our equipment under a single roof” – continues Andrzej Wentland. “This is important both to the operation of the equipment and to the logistics of the materials or final prints, particularly as a single order is frequently implemented by two machines”.
The Jeti Tauro 2500 LED plotter is used primarily to print on rigid media, and it is currently the main equipment of Kseroplast-Plus in this area. It has replaced the Jeti Titan 3020 FTR model because – as stressed by Dawid Florek, who operates these machines daily – it is quicker and offers improved quality of reproduction: “This investment has increased our efficiency with rigid media by approx. 50% – despite the fact that Tauro is slightly narrower than Titan. This improvement is owed, in particular, to the design of the equipment, which enables much more efficient feeding and collection of panels and a significant reduction of flexible media upon start-up. Tauro is ergonomic and easy to use, and it is also economical because it eliminates the costs of UV lamp replacement. The lamps have been replaced with energy-efficient UV LED lamps to avoid the need to heat or cool down the entire system. The machine is ready for operation immediately after it is started.

Jeti Tauro 2500 LED is a plotter capable of printing on flexible media with a width of up to 2.5 m. For rigid substrates, the maximum format is 4 x 2.54 m, and the maximum thickness is 5 cm. The plotter prints in six colours plus white, reaching a print speed of up to 275 m2/h. It is controlled – similarly to other large-format Agfa machines – by dedicated workflow software – Asanti 3.0. “In our case, each machine is controlled by a separate RIP. This is done deliberately to increase the flexibility and autonomy of production of the individual plotters” – adds Dawid Florek.
The machine has been in operation since June 2018, and the company bought it a few months after the previous investment in the Anapurna RTR3200 LED model. “We use this second solution for most jobs involving flexible substrates” – explains Andrzej Wentland. “The Tauro plotter can also print on such substrates but we prefer to use its capabilities primarily for rigid materials, which make up most of our production. The third Agfa machine – the Anapurna H2050i LED plotter, which is capable of printing both on rigid and flexible media – is now used to complement our equipment range”.

This dynamic growth of Kseroplast-Plus and subsequent purchases of printing machines and equipment for print packaging result from the equally fast development of the company’s clients, particularly one of its strategic buyers – a retail chain. “We deliver orders for all several hundred stores of this chain in Poland. For several years, in turn, in particular via the Romanian branch, we have also outfitted our client’s outlets in other countries. We plan on joint expansion onto new markets, including western European markets. Consequently, we expect all three Agfa machines to soon be running at full capacity. What is more, we consider opening production at our Romanian branch to improve logistics related to the orders for Balkan markets. However, this is still in the future” – says Andrzej Wentland.
Przemysław Arabski summarises this as follows: “The investments of Kseroplast-Plus are impressive, also in terms of their frequency. It should be noted that all three of the Agfa plotters previously used by the company are doing fine, and they are now operated by other users all over Poland. This testifies to their high quality and durability and, at the same time, to the excellent way the personnel of Kseroplast-Plus care for their equipment. This is noticeable in all of the company’s business, which continues to have great potential ahead. We hope we will also be a part of this effort in years to come”.

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