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Customer Case  | Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM  | 29 March 2016

Newsquest Oxford goes chemistry-free with two Agfa Advantage CtP and N94-VCF plates

The installation consists of two Advantage N-DL platesetters imaging N94-VCF chemistry-free plates, which use a pH-neutral clean-out solution that requires no water and eliminates the usage of developer and replenisher.

The Oxford centre prints between 94-100 titles with a total weekly output of around two million copies, the largest print run is 120,000 copies for a contract customer.

The new system has made a positive contribution to the Oxford site’s green credentials. It has cut energy usage by 25%, reduced the use of chemicals as well as the cost of waste disposal and the time cleaning processors.

“It was a huge bonus to go chemistry-free. The big difference is the environmental benefit gained from the Agfa installation. As we are an ISO 14001 accredited site, this is a positive step in the right direction. The new system is actually a much more operator friendly piece of machinery especially when loading up a decent size stack of plates. It has created a better environment in prepress as we don’t have the smell associated with traditional plate rooms, nor need ventilation, so that’s a health and safety positive too. Added to this, cleaning the gumming units has saved a significant amount of time,” said Duncan Ellam, Printing Services Manager at Newsquest Oxford, pictured alongside their new installation.

“I have to say though that the transition to Agfa has been seamless. The installation was very quick, smooth and easy. The first line arrived on a Friday, it was taken upstairs and was in operation by the Sunday night and we completed our tests on the Monday. The second line went in exactly the same. Agfa’s service and support have been exceptional from day one. I could not say a bad word about Agfa to be fair,” concluded Ellam.

About Agfa N94-VCF plates

The N94-VCF is based on tried and tested photopolymer technology, sensitized for visible lasers emitting at 405 nm without the need for any chemical developer thus eliminating one of the main variables affecting image consistency. The N94-VCF plate provides high-speed printing with outstanding quality and reliability.

This chemistry-free plate works with all mainstream violet CtP units currently in use at newspaper print sites across the world, emitting at least 30 mW. It is the most environmentally friendly plate on the market. Using a pH-neutral clean-out solution, it saves 100 per cent of water and eliminates the usage of developer and replenisher.


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