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Customer Case  | Oppermann, Rodenberg, GERMANY  | 15 March 2012


Oppermann at Rodenberg, Germany, Enhance Agfa Newspaper Workflow with Arkitex Quality Modules.

Arkitex Quality offers a range of software modules to enhance quality and save costs at the same time. There are currently three modules available; Arkitex IntelliTune (automated image batch enhancement), Arkitex OptiInk (reducing or optimizing ink consumption) and Arkitex Sublima (high-quality, cross-modulated screening).

Oppermann produces an impressive array of 70 different newspaper titles. Apart from a daily - subcontracted for a third party publisher - the company publishes four advertising papers, distributed locally in north-west Germany. The print runs are in the neighbourhood of 140,000 copies and the printing of various types of inserts completes their product offer. Oppermann is a fourth generation family business that celebrated its centennial in 2004.

Arkitex Quality modules OptiInk and IntelliTune were tested throughout the fall of 2009. Dirk Nagel, EDP Manager at Oppermann, explains why: „We produce between 3.5 and 4 million newspaper copies every week. As a special service we offer customers the possibility to have up to 12 million inserts added for specific regions in Germany. As the printed copies are wrapped up, the amount of ink on paper needs to be limited without the quality being compromised. Arkitex OptiInk was a logical choice: limiting ink on paper results in faster drying and avoids smearing. The cost savings achieved by printing less ink were only of secondary importance to us, but of course they are an interesting, extra benefit."
Arkitex OptiInk was immediately integrated into the existing Arkitex workflow.

The second Arkitex Quality module - IntelliTune - came into focus at about the same time. „Our prepress and editorial staff were very sceptical at first. How can a software package replace decades of experience acquired by trained and skilled specialists? Nevertheless, we soon noticed how subjective corrections had to make way for more consistent image quality", says Dirk Sassmann, Prepress Manager. Scepticism soon made place for enthusiasm as the first print results were assessed. „The images automatically enhanced with IntelliTune were usually very good. Moreover, since it was installed, the system runs as a black box in the background without any intervention".

Since we started out with Arkitex Intellitune a number of customers have begun supplying us PDFs rather than pre-ripped Tiff files. „Customers clearly appreciate the quality settings in our Rips which produce visibly better quality". As a result of this ongoing quest for image quality enhancement, the third Arkitex Quality module - Sublima - is currently being tested. „ If a customer would require a 150 or even 180 lpi screen on newspaper stock he can turn to us," adds Dirk Sassmann.

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