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Customer Case  | Pacom, SOUTH KOREA  | 14 August 2012


Apogee Impose at Pacom in South Korea

Pacom’s history starts as a small letterpress printing company founded in 1917. Afterwards the company changed its name to Sung In Printing, labeled the Korean military academy of printing. In 1999 when the nation was suffering from the IMF financial crisis, the company made a new start as Pacom Korea.

Since then, the company has advanced into overseas markets for the first time as a Korean firm and won theTower of Export Award during 12 consecutive years, dispelling the notion that the printing business was declining.

Based on surprising results achieved with long tradition and technology, Pacom will develop into the world's best general printing & publishing group with a goal-conscious mind and a sense of mission that its standards would lead those of the world's printing markets.
In 2006 Pacom achieved the prize for development of small and medium businesses of the minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
In 2011, Pacom's revenue amounted to 35 million euro and counts 240 employees including the affiliates "Pacom KOREA, Inc. Pacom AAP, Pacom AAP Printing America, Inc.(American branch), Mirae ING Co., Ltd., Pacom Books".
Today, Pacom is Korea's No.1 exporter of printed materials.

We interviewed Prepress Manager Mr. Sangyong Cho.

Mr. Sangyong Cho, what type of work does the company offer?

We print coffee table books, brochures, catalogs, weekly magazines, other magazines, calendars, publications, digital pictorial , UV printing and screen printing.

How do you stay ahead of the competition?

Pacom's competitiveness is realized by offering high printing quality and superior customer service through a perfect one-stop total printing service system and a strict quality management system. Let me explain this more in detail.

  • One Stop Total Printing Service.
    This service is designed to facilitate print production, from planning to packing and delivering, via prepress, printing, binding and pressing. Operated with a strong sense of responsibility, this will solve various problems of planning the printed matter and save customers time and labor.
  • Variable Options for Customer Needs
    Pacom can produce all kinds and sizes of printed materials regardless of product type, printing method and binding type. The company can also make printed materials according to customer demands and within a reasonable budget because it can handle diverse printing workflows, such as traditional analog or digital.
  • High Quality based on High Technology
    Pacom, with its skilled and experienced experts, hightech printing, state-of-the-art digital technologies and advanced facilities, including CMS, CIP3 and image control systems, can execute systematic and precise jobs.
  • Exceptionally Short in Lead Time - 'Top of Asia'
    Equipped with the one-stop total printing service system, systems supplied with raw and subsidiary materials necessary for printing, an ability to self-subsist in most circumstances, precise processes and a quality management system, Pacom is the fastest deliverer of printed matters in Asia.
  • Local Service for 24 hours/7 days
    Pacom's services are available online or offline, anywhere and at any time. We offer consulting and detailed communication services ranging from planning of printing materials to technology areas through our Customer Service Representatives.
  • 'Step by Step' Communication with Customer
    All Pacom employees, including project managers, execute step-by-step communication with their high English skills to smoothly exchange information with customers, as well as reply to questions in real-time and do their best to accurately understand customer needs at every moment.

Why did you choose Apogee?

Apogee is well known as the best prepress solution in Korea. It has a user-friendly interface and supports full automation and total prepress system integration. We are pursuing the same way to stay on top of the printing industry. Apogee is leading us to our future vision with full of passion, experience and specialism.

What do you like most about Apogee?

Apogee Preflight is more than Preflight. We apply many kinds of Apogee Preflight ActionLists and Profiles to our PDF original customers' data. The 3rd party preflight solution cannot resolve all the PDF and printing issues. Apogee Preflight is updated regularly. So we use the latest Agfa preflight solution right away for our printing production. We appreciate all the efforts from Agfa HQ regarding PDF quality enhancement.

How does Apogee help you achieve your goals?

We recently upgraded Prepress system to Apogee 7 to keep our system up-to-date. The state-of-the-art system helps us quite a lot with our jobs and enhances the company's public image. We are pursuing consistency, reliability, cutting-edge, future-oriented, leading images. So does Apogee. It allows us to show the future vision together.

Are you still using Preps?

We have created lots of Preps templates according to production types. We are gradually transferring imposition from Preps to Apogee Impose to cover all jobs. Apogee Impose is the most intelligent and easy-to-use imposition tool we've ever seen. We'd like to use and apply it for all our jobs in the near future.

What do you specifically like about Apogee Impose?

The Apogee Impose user interface and "mark sets" are incredible!!
It's very useful to arrange the marks on the various kinds of imposition layouts.
With Apogee Impose, we strongly believe to increase productivity and efficiency in the company.
Even if those who don't understand imposition procedure, they can work right after a short training.

Are you happy with the response time of Agfa Service?

We are very satisfied with Agfa's Service team's quick response and continuing contribution.
Just as Pacom, Agfa has a 24/7 support for crucial software or hardware problems.
There is no other vendor in Korea who provides such a full customer care.
We really appreciate all the efforts of Agfa Graphics' professional support and that is why we want to stay with Agfa all the time.

Do you like the remote support?

Remote support is the most important tool, especially for us.
When we have any issue, we can directly contact the Agfa Service team through the remote support.
We are located far from the main city. So, it is indeed useful for our company to have a remote technical support tool. And most software problems can be solved remotely.
We rely on Agfa's state-of-the-art remote solution to keep the production alive.

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