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Customer Case  | Picking, BELGIUM  | 28 August 2017

Graphic design agency Picking and Agfa Graphics’ Apogee Cloud: a match made in heaven

Anchoring on the promising wave of new technologies, Belgian graphic design agency Picking relies on Agfa Graphics’ cloud to streamline its prepress workflows. “By opting for Apogee Cloud, we’re not only implementing our new corporate strategy, we’re also offering clients a high-quality, agile service,” managing director Laurent Broze explains.

A partner of Daneels Graphic Group and specialist in design, print, interactive communication and logistics, Picking has set a clear target: to deliver high-quality prints with an extra dimension through innovation and state-of-the-art digital techniques. Its recently renovated headquarters – another manifestation of the new strategy – radiates ‘graphics’, ‘web technology’ and ‘augmented reality’. “We’ve also launched a new website, perfectly reflecting our dynamic nature,” Laurent Broze adds.

Apogee Cloud: toward customer delight

Add to this Picking’s decision to adopt Agfa Graphics’ prepress workflow solution Apogee Cloud, and you get why the company is known for its progressiveness, advanced technologies and premium prints.

Laurent Broze: “To streamline our prepress workflows and offer clients an online job approval functionality, we chose to work with Agfa Graphics. Their cloud-based workflow software for commercial printing, Apogee Cloud, provides automated processes and integration with MIS and accountancy systems. Also, it features web-to-print facilities that allow customers to order and edit their work online.”

Working on cloud nine

What’s most remarkable about Apogee Cloud is that the entire system is running in Agfa Graphics’ cloud, which is hosted by two Agfa-owned, ISO-certified mirrored data centers. “This cloud-based way of working lets us improve efficiency and flexibility,” Laurent Broze continues. “It’s a completely trouble-free solution: all data are managed by a secure, high-quality infrastructure and Agfa Graphics experts who monitor the system 24/7, proactively addressing any potential issues.”

Laurent Broze is convinced that his clients also benefit from the company’s cloud implementation. “The cloud is scalable and always up to date,” he says. “Because we’re always running the most recent version of the Apogee software, customers can count on a high-quality, agile service.”

Rising to the challenge of innovation

Graphics competence center Picking has been using Apogee Cloud since late 2015. “It only took a couple of weeks to implement the software,” Laurent Broze remembers. “Now, the entire prepress department benefits from it and is gradually integrating our services and programs.”

So far, Laurent Broze and the team at Picking are very satisfied with Apogee Cloud and Agfa Graphics’ service. Laurent Broze: “Agfa Graphics offers this incredible, reliable tool that allows my team to focus more on their essential printing tasks. That means we have more time and skills available to invest in our corporate strategy and innovation.”

Apogee Cloud

Apogee Cloud

Apogee’s trademark efficiency, in the form of a unique, cloud-based solution. Discover the flexibility, user-friendliness, and high-security approach of Apogee Cloud.

Agfa Graphics cloud hosting

Agfa Graphics cloud hosting

Cloud technology offers publishing experts new ways of improving efficiency while meeting the challenges of the future: growing amounts of data, customer data integrity, foolproof data storage, excellent performance and permanent accessibility.

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