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Customer Case  | SYL Creaciones Graficas S.A., Barcelona, SPAIN  | 19 May 2015

SYL Creaciones Graficas S.A.

SYL Creaciones Graficas S.A. in Barcelona is specialized in printing high-quality art and history books and catalogs making use of the wide range of differentiators that ‘print on paper’ is capable to offer. The printing and finishing of high-value books is still perceived and experienced as craftsmanship by their customers.

The introduction on the SYL website displays a number of book printing illustrations combined with quotes that underline the ‘power of print‘. According to SYL it is virtually impossible to convert the visual, let alone the tangible features of printed paper onto a computer monitor or tablet. That’s why printed books still have a bright future.

SYL started as a small type shop in 1958 and later added offset printing and bookbinding. Soon they also added other crafts such as stamping and die-cutting. They became unique in printing books that no one else is capable to produce. At present they are employing more than fifty employees, making use of the latest technology, competing in the most demanding international markets.

Shortly after the adoption of Agfa Graphics’ Azura TU chemistry-free thermal plate the Managing Director, Mr. Cayetano decided to start using Agfa’s Prima fountain solution, being convinced that it’s always best to use a dedicated fount.

The Prima FS 404 AS fount ensures very stable press conditions resulting in consistent print production quality. It leaves less residual ink on the rubber blankets; consequently the dampening system runs at a higher level of cleanliness.

Prima FS 404 AS is a gum-free fountain solution additive for sheet-fed offset presses and is suitable for alcohol reduction. It contains highly efficient surface tension reducers and wetting agents that replace the use of alcohol. A balanced pH and the powerful wetting capability maintain an excellent ink/water balance at reduced water feed settings. This fountain solution additive is FOGRA-approved and can be used with 4-8% alcohol.

The new fount optimizes the ink/water balance and as a consequence reduces the printing ink usage, which in turn improves the drying conditions on the press. When printing on coated paper this allows much shorter drying times and a faster start-up of the press. This contributed to reducing the paper waste which occurs at the press start-ups for each new job. Since we mostly deal with shorter press runs of up to 2500 copies, this brings a considerable advantage.

But above all, the main benefit of using Agfa Graphics’ Prima FS 404 AS fount in combination with Agfa Graphics’ Azura TU chemistry-free thermal plate shows in the daily repeated print production quality.

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