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Customer Case  | Turkuvaz Matbaacilik, Istanbul, TURKEY  | 15 March 2012

Turkuvaz Matbaacilik

N94-V, Arkitex & Advantage N-DL

UV printing: the way to additional newspaper business

Could you please give us an overview of your company?

Our company is called Turkuvaz Matbaacılık and we are the printer for newspaper titles such as Sabah (at Izmir), Yeni Asır, Fotomaç and Takvim. These papers are specifically for the Aegean region which spreads from Çanakkale in the North, Fethiye in the South, Uşak-Afyon in the East, over to Çeşme in the West. With these titles we cover a large part of Turkey. Our distribution partner is also located in this building.

What have you done to develop your activities in recent years?

Our most recent important innovation is Ultraviolet Printing. Since June this year we have been printing the front and back cover pages of the Sabah newspaper using UV inks with the rest of the newspaper being printed normally. We found this has attracted additional revenue so we plan to apply this UV printing to the cover of the Yeni Asır as well. The success of this introduction means we will install UV printing in our other branches in Ankara, Adana and Antalya from October 2011. With the addition of UV ink capability on one press, we fell we have taken a major step forward and play now ahead of the game!
Another big investment we recently made, was the switch to CTP imaging. We immediately experienced the big advantage that using CTP gives in terms of plate making efficiency. The implementation of CTP resulted in substantial production time saving and an important gain in image quality in our newspapers. So the main advantage is in time saving. With the old system we had a lot of register adjustments to make, and film processing issues and we had to prepare and punch the plates one day in advance. Now, all this is much easier because it's fully automated. With a fully digital workflow and plate making it also becomes much easier to incorporate advertisements. With CTP imaging we have now closed a gap with state of the art technology in newspapers.

Turkuvaz Matbaacılık made these two substantial investments in new technology and this had a clear impact on the market. Not only our customers, but also our direct competitors agree that our strategy, as an early adopter of UV printing technology, has been a success! We have seen a clear increase in business as a result of this investment.

More and more newspapers are being read on iPAD in Europe and North America. Do you also see this trend in Turkey?
It is a new technology here in Turkey, however I think it is bound to increase. More and more people will start to read their newspaper online in the future in Turkey, but I'm also convinced that print on paper will continue to be important.

Which technological developments would you like to adopt?

We see that colourful inserts in newspapers are increasing business. We already use insert machines in our printing house in Istanbul, but any expansion is limited for the moment by floor space limitations in this building. Plans are being made at the moment to move into a new and bigger facility.

What AGFA products do you use?

Agfa Arkitex workflow drives the plate production on our Advantage N-DL imagers, using Agfa's new N94-V photopolymer plates.

AGFA claims that the N94-V plates are more robust. Do you agree?

As UV ink printing is relatively new, we have been through a steep learning curve. We only have a short history in UV-printing so we have to go step by step and collect more data to gain experience together with our suppliers. We are satisfied with regard to the N94-V plates, these new plates do very well in UV conditions. We have made no claims so far!

What do your customers’ think about the UV printing?

Particularly advertisers, but also readers, are very enthusiastic about the improved colour image quality. We have already noticed an increased amount of full page advertisements, despite of the fact that the UV ink and paper consumables are more expensive. The colours are simply more alive and are much more attractive. It's also important to remember that UV inks have a much higher sunlight resistance. This means that at the end of the day the exposed newspapers maintain their colour brightness, even under a burning Turkish summer sun! Customers told us it definitely looks good, it does not dye hands and it attracts more attention.

Have you made any changes in the printing press production settings while testing?

The press rollers and blankets have been replaced. The plates are new, but the fountain is still the same. Last month we had 4 or 5 interventions but we learned these were due to inconsistencies in the UV ink. We are using the N94-V plates without any problem.

Would you like to give any other comment or advice concerning UV printing?

In our print line, we combine the two ink types. Front and cover page are printed with UV ink in a separate tower while the rest of the newspaper is printed with conventional ink and paper. At the end of the line both are combined fully automatically and folded into one bundle.
The UV ink drying process does create ozone which is a hazardous derivate of oxygen, so we have installed the appropriate aeration system to evacuate the ozone gas. We also apply protective measures for press operators, due to the chemical characteristics of UV ink. All contact with the skin or the eyes must be avoided.

Do you plan more UV printing or use UV ink for more than just the outside pages of the newspaper?

Not for the moment, mainly because of the substantially higher cost price of both the paper and the UV ink. As I mentioned, UV inks do not bleach in sunlight like standard newspaper inks so the shelf life is longer. The stronger colours catch the eye and attract attention. These benefits will determine the future path for UV printing and safeguard our business for the years to come.

Do you have any other remarks?

Turkuvaz Matbaacılık is proud to be an "early adopter" of new technology and has clearly seen a good return from this innovation. We would like to thank Nova Baski and the Agfa support team for their continued assistance and expertise in the set up of the CTP system with the new N94-V plates.
This is a first time launch of newspaper UV printing in Turkey! We worked hard, did our best and even lost some sleep for this achievement. But the result is that the Hürriyet Newspaper will be more successful and also soon our sites in other regions will also benefit from this.

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