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Tips & Tricks  | Uniplate, Odense, Denmark  | 30 January 2018

Hybrid Anapurna H2050i LED engine expands capacity and increases flexibility at Uniplate

- Summary of an article in PrintogMedier. Pictures by Lis Lykke -

Company profile

Uniplate (Odense, Denmark) evolved from a repro house to a full-service graphic business over the past decade. When René Jantzen took over the business ten years, he set up a sign & display printing department specialized in board printing for a wide variety of applications, from blinds, tiles and floor coverings, to soundproofing plates. Recently, the company bought a hybrid Anapurna LED printer to expand capacity and increase flexibility…

Agfa Graphics products

Anapurna H2050i LED hybrid wide-format printer, in addition to two Avalon N VLF CtP systems in the company’s prepress department.

Why they bought it

Owner René Jantzen: “We absolutely wanted a LED UV solution, as environmental considerations have always been very important when making investments. Another thing that was crucial to the choice was the Asanti workflow system, because it needed to be able to drive our Esko system”, says owner René Jantzen.

How it has performed

Owner René Jantzen: “Large format assignments currently account for about 30-35 percent of revenue. The Anapurna H2050i LED is three to four times faster than its predecessor. It expands our capacity and increases flexibility, as needed. With the new Anapurna we can not only print white color but we can also add a varnish glossy finish. In addition, it has been quite exciting to learn how to work with the new Asanti workflow software, which can handle a lot of the tasks that we previously had to use various modules for.”

Why Agfa Graphics

Owner René Jantzen: “I've worked with Agfa since I was an apprentice. I have the feeling that we have developed together, which resulted in a trustworthy cooperation. That's why Uniplate is also almost an Agfa print shop today. They know our business and our expectations.”

Filip Jantzen, graphic arts student, and Key Account Manager Michael Boeriis from Agfa Graphics

René Jantzen next to the Anapurna H2050i LED

Anapurna H2050i LED

Anapurna H2050i LED

The Anapurna H2050i LED is a high-speed hybrid UV LED-curable inkjet system with a printing width of 2.05 m for indoor and outdoor applications.


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