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Customer Case  | Wallig Ennstaler Druckerei und Verlag, AUSTRIA  | 21 June 2012

Wallig Ennstaler Druckerei und Verlag

Apogee workflow at Wallig Ennstaler Druckerei und Verlag Ges.m.b.H

Apogee is the most important component of the prepress workflow

Mr. Franz Wallig
Owner/Managing Director

Wallig Ennstaler Druckerei und Verlag Ges.m.b.H. was founded in 1898 by Mr. Hr. KR Johann Wallig I.
Since 1910, the company has printed and published the newspaper “Der Ennstaler”, a highly successful and popular regional newsstand newspaper.

When Mr. Mag. Ing. Franz Wallig took over the family run printing company in 1993, he went on to upgrade, develop and expand the business.
Today, the pillars of the company's operations are commercial print jobs, a comprehensive range of further processing services, and "Der Ennstaler".
We talked with Mr. Franz Wallig, Owner/Managing Director.

Mr. Wallig, could you briefly introduce your company?

We currently employ 55 people and generate a turnover of around €7.5m.
Our annual plate consumption amounts to 18,000 sq. m. Agfa :Amigo printing plates.
We have a Ryobi 920 4c+varnish, a Heidelberger SM 74 8F 4c/4c, a Heidelberger SM 74 5c+varnish, and a Ryobi 525 5c+varnish which is in preparation.

Which products do you offer?

Brochures, folders, posters, self-mailers, payment slips, business printed items, raffle tickets, scratch tickets, accessories, portfolios, postcards, blocks, calendars, displays, tabletop displays, etc.

Who are your customers, and what makes you unique in the market?

We have industrial customers, customers in the tourist sector, agencies and SMEs.
Our strengths are speed, reliability, a large paper warehouse for production under time constraints, excellent customer relationships, and fast delivery at fair prices.
Furthermore, we offer a one-step service, and have an in-house typesetting department including image processing.
Comprehensive further processing and finishing, a lean overhead structure, and a hard-line costing approach.

Why did you choose for Apogee?

It is a complete solution that features a good user interface in which everything is integrated. Most importantly, it's an intuitive interface that offers both clarity and speed.
Today, Apogee is the most important component of the prepress workflow.
Apogee is continuously developed further with innovative features, and as such it also perfectly fits in with our vision of the future. Our long term, trust-based relationship with Agfa also plays an important role in this respect.

Could you explain how your quality has improved since you have been using Apogee InkSave?

The technology produces more homogeneous printing results and speeds up further processing. Printing stability has increased significantly and is very good. We also use Sublima screens.

Is certification important to you?

It is, because it enables us to offer ecological and cost-effective printed products to our customers.
Today we hold 2 certifications: the Austrian Environment Certificate
and one for CO2 neutral printing.
This involved very detailed analyses of the CO2 footprint of all of our printing operations and the production process.
The use of the processless :Amigo printing plate has helped us meet the ecological requirements in the prepress stage.

What are your experiences with Apogee Impose?

We are delighted with the clarity and speed with which multiple copies can be produced. At present we also are still using preps because we can rely on an excellent template structure.

Are you satisfied with the Agfa Graphics service?

By all means, Agfa provides highly skilled support should any problems or questions arise. And with short reaction times. The remote support is ideal for quick problem solving.

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