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Customer Case  | X-Skylt, Sollentuna, SWEDEN  | 07 June 2017

X-Skylt/More Print expands business with Jeti Ceres roll-to-roll printer

– Published in Swedish trade magazine Sign & Print, June 2017 –

X-Skylt (Sollentuna, Sweden) is a family-owned digital large-format printing company that, despite what the name suggests, not only prints signs. This is one of the reasons for the company's forthcoming name change. The company aims to expand its business with the Jeti Ceres it bought in the spring of 2017.

More Print is the name we want to grow with, says Tom Lundgren, Operations Manager. He continues: “X-Skylt started in 1990 with a focus on signage, but has developed into a comprehensive large-format printing since then. Today, customers do not always know what we are capable of.”

"Customers sometimes call us to ask if we know someone who prints a particular type of large-format print, and we have to explain them that we can actually meet all their requirements ourselves," explains Tom. The company has always had a good reputation and was not so active in sales, but with the new name, they want to communicate more clearly on who they are. The name should work in an international context and expand the company’s customer base.

"There is nothing wrong with growing a bit. We moved to new premises two years ago to be able to handle larger volumes. That is also why we recently invested in a Jeti Ceres RTR3200 LED from Agfa Graphics. Now we have the place; in the earlier room, it was more like playing Tetris.

Tom Lundgren and Lina Lundgren, CEO, took over the company from their father, Jan Lundgren.

They purchased the machine directly from Agfa Graphics at the Sign & Print fair in February this year; it was installed shortly thereafter. X-Skylt/More Print previously had a Jeti Titan, as well as two other printing engines from Agfa Graphics.

"We looked at several machines to replace our Durst roll-to-roll printer, and we were close to choosing a Vutek machine, but the Ceres machine was launched exactly at that moment, and it suited us better," says Tom.

High quality was the focus point when they bought the Jeti Ceres machine from Agfa Graphics.

According to him, they preferred the Jeti Ceres because it provided a slightly higher quality than the machines they compared it to. The Vutek machine prints 12 picoliter drops, while the Jeti Ceres manages 7 pl, for example. In addition, it prints with LED UV lamps on a variety of materials, specifically on heat-sensitive fabrics and foils.

"We always want to focus on quality. It is clear that it is good to be able to handle large volumes, but quality comes first. We are also very pleased with the Jeti Titan, and it is always easier for our staff to work with similar machines.”

The intention is to move over the Jeti Titan's roll production to the Jeti Ceres to speed up production and to print only rigids on the Jeti Titan.

Tom Lundgren also believes that Jeti Ceres is more in line with the company they want to be – modern with a focus on high quality.

Now they can move their roll production from the Jeti Titan to the Jeti Ceres machine, which increases efficiency.

"Quality and service is really the most important thing for us, and that's what we want to provide with our renewed company. To this end, we have collaborated with Brandma's design agency, whose founder has his roots in the graphics industry, which has been very valuable.”

He tells us that what he believes made them so successful is that they take the time to listen to their customers, and show them how important the service is for the company. They also work a lot with other printing companies, and even there, the company is service-oriented.

"Many people call us to ask how they can optimally produce different products," Tom says, concluding: "We are good at solving problems. What I usually start with is to ask customers how they will use a product. Then you know at once if their thoughts about the material and the way of printing is right or wrong.”

LED UV allows the printer to print on a variety of materials, such as heat-sensitive fabrics.

With greater space in the new premises, they can increase production.


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