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Press release  | Agfa Graphics, Elmwood Park, NJ, UNITED STATES  | 03 April 2017

Agfa Graphics Opens Offset Technical Competence Center

Centralized resource serving up innovative integrated offset solutions in North America

Agfa Graphics has opened a new, state-of-the-art offset technology center-of-excellence in its Wilmington, MA, location. The Offset Technical Competence Center (TCC), the first of its kind in North America, opened on Wednesday, March 29th.

“The goal of the Offset Technical Competence Center is to provide innovative, sustainable solutions that help our customers achieve high-quality print outcomes while saving resources,” said Gunther Mertens, President, North America Region, Agfa Graphics.

The TCC is a fully-equipped lab that features Agfa Graphics integrated prepress and pressroom solutions to demonstrate numerous high-performance commercial, packaging, newspaper and UV printing applications that also offer sustainable benefits. Innovations that reduce waste, eliminate chemicals and lower ink consumption while saving energy are showcased in the TCC. One example of a solution on display at the TCC includes the high-performance, next-generation Energy Elite Eco plate and Arkana, smart processing technology in a system that reduces waste up to 50% compared to conventional processing solutions.

The TCC is a repository of knowledge as well as an incubator for enhanced system design. “The TCC has our most proficient, skilled, technical experts from both North America’s and headquarters’ R&D focused on developing new technology solutions for the marketplace,” Mertens added.

All commercial, newspaper and related workflow solutions are supported. The TCC team is charged with product development, benchmarking, field testing and training.

“We are committed and invested in our offset customers,” said Mertens. “We are looking forward to having customer VIP visits and demonstrating innovative technologies that grow from our new resource center.”

Agfa Graphics has a 150-year history with color imaging. Today innovations are grounded in a unique systems approach that integrates and optimizes the plate, processor, ink and pressroom chemistries and workflow to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

The company has the industry’s most knowledgeable applications experts with an average of 20 years of hands-on experience. As a total solution provider, the Agfa team partners with customers and stands behind every print they produce.

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Media Relations
Group M Inc
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Director of Marketing
Agfa Graphics
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