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News  | Agfa Graphics, Mortsel, BELGIUM  | 15 November 2018

Agfa Graphics 2019 VIP Calendar focuses on value – in theme and execution

For 2019, Agfa Graphics created a state-of-the-art printed calendar for its VIP customers. It is devoted to the luxury products chocolate and champagne and combines creative design with supreme print quality.

Champagne meets chocolate

The 2019 version is a weekly calendar, with 52 pages that each feature a stunning print of some kind of savory delight created with chocolate, champagne, or both. The choice for these luxury goods is no coincidence, as they reflect the quality of Agfa Graphics’ products and the way in which the company develops them. “Like a pastry chef or a vintner carefully selects and combines only the best ingredients to create an outstanding product… that is how we develop solutions for our customers”, says Guy Desmet, Head of Global Communications and Prepress Marketing. “Taking a ‘matched components’ approach, we combine top-notch elements that are perfectly geared to each other in order to create products that deliver the finest quality and add the most value in the most efficient way.”

Each calendar page corresponds to a recipe. You can find all 52 recipes on

Agfa Graphics 2019 VIP Calendar

Print conveys value

Like its predecessors, the 2019 edition of the Agfa Graphics calendar is a prime sample of the power of print, and at the same time a tribute to it. Indeed, not only its subject matters champagne and chocolate represent value, but also the technology that was used to produce the calendar. For its creation, we used our state-of-the-art prepress solutions, including advanced screening and color management software, as well as ecological, convenient and cost-efficient offset printing plate solutions – the combination of which brings value to any printing business. Add premium-quality paper, and you get a unique calendar that evokes sensations in its own right. Printing as a recipe – print as an art.

Concept, creation & coordination

Mathildestudios. Grembergen, Belgium

Printing & finishing

3Motion. Zele, Belgium

Cassochrome. Waregem (Beveren-Leie), Belgium

Grafische Group Matthys. Turnhout, Belgium.

Kartonnage Mels. Temse, Belgium

Sepeli. Evergem, Belgium.

Production notes

All prepress work for the calendar was done using Agfa Graphics’ Apogee workflow software. Energy Elite Eco digital thermal plates were imaged on an Avalon N8 platesetter with CristalRaster III screening technology and cleaned out in an Arkana smart processing unit with Arkana gum. Agfa Graphics’ ECO³ software packages PressTune and InkTune were used respectively to evaluate the print job and to monitor and limit ink consumption. Printing was done on an H-UV press.


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