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Release notes  | Agfa Graphics, Mortsel, BELGIUM  | 19 February 2017

PrintSphere 1.1 and 1.1.1 release notes

PrintSphere is a cloud-based file sharing and workflow automation service. It was upgraded to version 1.1 on February 19, 2017. A minor update to release 1.1.1 followed on March 19.

The new features of these updates:

  • In SphereCenter you can now create additional admin accounts by adding a new user and selecting ‘Printer Administrator’ in the Role drop-down menu. The new user will get an e-mail invite to select a password for accessing SphereCenter. It is recommended to create at least one additional administrator for back-up purposes.
Printsphere - how it works

  • The API has been extended so that external workflow systems can create user accounts using a separate first and last name field. Currently, Apogee Prepress and Asanti use a single full name field.

  • If user accounts are created by an external system, the account data can no longer be changed in SphereCenter. It is recommended to update the user account data in the external system. For Apogee and Asanti users this means user data should be updated in ProductionCenter.

  • Some minor issues with preview creation and translations were fixed.


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