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Release notes  | Agfa Graphics, Mortsel, BELGIUM  | 30 November 2017

What's new in PrintSphere v2.0

PrintSphere, the cloud-based data sharing and automation service, receives a major upgrade in December 2017. Version 2 focuses on a more refined web interface for users, making it easier to organize and retrieve data using a desktop system, portable or a mobile device.

The most impressive new function of version 2 will be the upcoming PrintSphere AutoPilot module, which will automate repetitive tasks to save operator time and minimize mistakes. When used in conjunction with the Apogee Prepress workflow for commercial printers or the Asanti production workflow for sign and display printers, it will make your workflow even more productive. PrintSphere AutoPilot will become available in early 2018 so the remainder of this article focuses on the main new features that are available now:

More refined web interface for users

Files and folders have a new drop-down menu, making it easier to rename, download or delete them. A new Details pane provides more information about the selected file or folder.



This Details pane allows users to add comments to a file or folder. These remarks are listed in the order in which they are added, similar to a thread on a forum. This makes online collaboration much easier, especially because you can also subscribe to receive notifications about new comments.


PrintSphere 2.0 comments collaboration

The same Details pane can also be used to add tags to files and folders. These keywords can be used as an alternative way of structuring the data in a large online library. Users can do searches on a specific tag, such as ‘portrait’, to quickly retrieve all the data needed for a new magazine, brochure, or poster.

PrintSphere 2.0 file tags

The Pictures view is now called Gallery because it is not limited to displaying photos. Users can sort the files alphabetically or by date. There is also a button to jump back to the regular Files view.

PrintSphere 2.0 gallery artwork

Among the smaller changes is an Upload Progress Estimate which shows how long the upload of a large file may still take. The File view automatically scrolls when a user drags files and reaches a border of the screen. This is especially handy when moving files to subfolders.

PrintSphere 2.0 upload estimate

New mobile apps for iOS and Android

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store both offer new versions of the PrintSphere app for phone and tablet users. The Android version allows users to access multiple PrintSphere accounts. They can download files to their local device to make them accessible offline. The more refined integration in Android 7 and later makes it easier to access PrintSphere data from within other apps such as file managers.


The PrintSphere app for iOS is compatible with IOS 11. That operating system itself makes it easier to exchange PrintSphere data with other apps. The new app also offers an option to download files to an iPhone or iPad for offline access. It can be passcode protected which is handy for preventing kids from accidentally accessing company data. 


Windows desktop application

The modular nature of PrintSphere allowed us to release the 2.0 version of the desktop application for Windows well ahead of this upgrade. The features were already described on a separate Windows desktop application v2 page. A Mac version is being worked on.

To learn more

You can discuss PrintSphere with fellow Apogee users on the APOGEEnetwork forum. PrintSphere can also be used in conjunction with the Asanti workflow for sign & display printers. For them the ASANTInetwork forum is the best place to share ideas and exchange best practices. 



PrintSphere is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service solution for standardized data exchange and workflow automation.


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