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Release notes  | Agfa Graphics, Mortsel, BELGIUM  | 12 September 2018

StoreFront 5.0.1 release notes

Version 5.0.1 of the Apogee StoreFront and Asanti StoreFront web-to-print solutions will be released on 16 September 2018. This minor update adds some new features and fixes issues reported by customers.

Additional scaling option for unbound uploadable products

When shoppers upload a PDF file to order an uploadable product, the new StoreFront 5.0 wizard will automatically rescale the PDF content so that the PDF Trim Box matches the size of the ordered product. This works fine for PDFs generated by professional layout and design applications such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or QuarkXpress. If, however, the PDF lacks a Trim Box and is created by manually drawing crop marks inside the page edges, then the rescaled PDF will have crop marks and bleed inside the document area. Shoppers who are used to these issues being resolved by their printer are likely to overlook the incorrect sizing and will complain bitterly if their incorrectly sized PDF files also get printed with an incorrect size.

Support for backorders

For such use cases StoreFront 5.0.1 offers an additional PDF rescaling option in the preflight settings. It is labeled ‘Allow automatic Trim Box rescaling’.

  • This setting can be found in the Advanced > Production Settings > Preflight Defaults window. For existing products that are already in use in stores, you can change the setting in the matching template in the Product Template > Preflight window.
  • By default the new option will be activated. That means the default behavior of StoreFront 5.0 does not change in version 5.0.1. Only if you do not want PDF files to be rescaled should you disable the checkbox. Consider this carefully. If most of your customers are professionals creating properly scaled and defined PDF files, we recommend to leave this option as is.
  • When the ‘Allow automatic Trim Box rescaling’ option is deactivated, uploaded PDF files will no longer be rescaled in orders for unbound products. The PDF will be centered in the document area. This is done based on the center of the Trim Box. If trim data are not present the Media Box is used for centering the page.
  • The shopper still has all the existing tools available to rescale or even rotate the uploaded file, regardless whether this option is activated or not.
  • For JPG, TIFF and other bitmap file formats the scaling policy remains unchanged.

Rotation policy for unbound uploadable products

If a customer ordered a landscape document in StoreFront v4 and uploaded a PDF or bitmap image with a portrait orientation, StoreFront would automatically change the orientation of the ordered document. We changed this policy in StoreFront 5.0 but based on customer feedback, StoreFront v5.0.1 will once again work the way StoreFront v4 worked: the document is automatically rotated to match the orientation of the uploaded file.

Using the Online Editor to order digital products

If you have a MallPack Silver or Gold license, customers can personalize a document using the Online Editor and order a digital PDF version of such a product instead of printed copies. In StoreFront v5.0, when an order only contains such digital products these PDF files are not created automatically. Shoppers receive an order confirmation e-mail but will not get a link to download the PDF file. For mixed orders in which a shopper orders both printed and digital products, the PDF files do get generated properly. This issue with missing download links is fixed in the 5.0.1 update.

If your customers run into this limitation prior to its deployment, please ask them to reorder the product once the 5.0.1 update is deployed. If reordering is not possible because of the cost associated with the product, send your Agfa Services team or dealer an e-mail with a list of the order numbers for which no digital files are created. The StoreFront team will generate the missing files and mail them to you for further distribution.

Allow company administrators to create new products

In StoreFront v5.0 company administrators and company administrators/approves can no longer create new products. This limitation is removed in version 5.0.1.

Language support

The new v5.0.1 release contains an updated Italian and Danish translation as well as some minor improvements in other languages. Currently the Stripe payment screens are only available in English. If you use non-Latin characters in names or addresses in the Stripe payment screens, these may also be displayed a bit oddly but this does not affect the processing of the transaction. This encoding issue will be addressed in a future update.


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