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Release notes  | Agfa Graphics, Mortsel, Belgium  | 28 November 2017

What is new in Apogee Suite v10.5

Version 10.5 of the Apogee Suite offers new functions for both prepress operators using the Apogee Prepress production workflow system and for online users who access jobs using the Apogee WebApproval portal.

New features in Apogee Prepress v10.5

Apogee Prepress v10.5 includes version 4.6 of APPE, the Adobe PDF Print Engine, as well as the 2017 version of Enfocus PitStop server. It also ships with new plug-ins for optimizing PDF files in Adobe Acrobat. These updates ensure your workflow is capable of validating and processing PDF files created with recent design and layout applications. Of course, Apogee Prepress is compatible with industry standards, such as the GWG Output Suite and GWG 2015 preflight specifications.

Apogee Prepress GWG Compliancy

Handling creep has been improved in Apogee Impose. Previously, users of the Apogee Impose Web Support option could already compensate for horizontal shingling. Now you can also compensate for vertical shingling, referred to as head/foot creep in the Shingling Rules window. This ensures perfect page positioning on large press sheets with many folds.

Apogee Prepress 10.5 vertical shingling

The Impose task processor also offers improved support for complex asymmetrical nested signatures and it can preserve bleed in extra gutter cut margins for N-Up jobs.

Many Apogee Prepress customers process complex jobs in multiple languages or with address or pricing imprints. For such versioning jobs, it is now possible to double-burn or merge different PDF documents. This can be controlled using additional settings in the action list of the Ready4Versioning task processor. 

Apogee Prepress 10.5 versioning jobs

New features in Apogee WebApproval v10.5

The main new feature of the online collaboration portal is the Job List window, which gives customer service representatives (or CSRs) an overview of all jobs. For each job the list shows the page count with separate indicators for missing, waiting, approved and rejected pages. At one glance, you can see which jobs are finished or past their due date. The Job List window makes it easier to manage a large volume of jobs, which is ideal for busy production environments.

Apogee WebApproval 10.5 job list

On the left-hand side of the Job List window a filter allows CSRs to either view all jobs or only the jobs they are in charge of. With a single click, they can see all jobs awaiting content or having preflight messages. The filters make it easy to focus on jobs that require immediate attention.

Apogee WebApproval 10.5 filter

The above functions are geared towards CSRs using WebApproval Pro, but with version 10.5 anyone viewing job pages can now ask for small, medium or large page thumbnails in the Pages overview. For large catalogs, using small thumbnails provides an overview of a lot of pages, whereas for smaller jobs more detailed thumbnails can come in handy.

Apogee WebApproval 10.5 thumbnails

A major convenience for occasional users is that you can allow them to access jobs directly, without the need to log in. This function is called ‘Auto Log On’. When it is enabled, users get the regular emails with links to jobs on which they collaborate. Clicking such a link, however, takes them directly to a job, without having to enter their e-mail address and password. For customers with a strict security policy you can continue to require authentication but for everyone else the ‘Auto Log On’ function will make working with WebApproval hassle-free.

Apogee WebApproval 10.5 auto log on

Other users who can benefit from WebApproval v10.5 are managers, supervisors or magazine editors who need to be able to just view all their jobs. Previously such users had to have a specific role, such as ‘approver’, to get access to jobs. Now you can give them viewing rights only so that they cannot accidentally alter any jobs.

In short, with WebApproval v10.5 both your own users and your customers get an even easier-to-use online portal for reviewing print jobs, uploading content and approving soft proofs. 

To learn more

Contact your Agfa Services team or dealer for more information on upgrading your Apogee workflow to this new release.

More detailed information about version 10.5 is available in the release notes. You can also discuss it with fellow Apogee users on the APOGEEnetwork forum. The forum is free for users of Apogee Prepress, WebApproval, StoreFront and other Agfa workflow products. To subscribe, fill in this form.



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