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Maximize your plate productivity with our Elite Eco Fountain additives

Ink, water, fountain solution, washes… During the printing process, many products interact with printing plates. Agfa Graphics developed dedicated Elite Eco founts to guarantee the optimal performance of your Energy Elite Eco printing plates.



Agfa is committed to sustainable innovation that focuses on ecology, economy, and extra convenience—or ECO³. Our hardware, software and consumables make your prepress and printing operations cleaner, more cost-effective and easier to operate and maintain. The ultimate goal? More value for your entire printing business!

What makes Elite Eco founts so great?
  ECO³ benefits Economy Ecology Extra convenience
No chemical attack, for maximum run lengths Less plate remakes X X X
Shorter time on press X   X
Good press stability, for minimized ink emulsion and higher ink density Less water consumption X X  
Low ink consumption X X  
Less contamination     X
Less paper breaks X   X
Excellent cleaning power, for fast and effective removal of ink Reduced washing X X X
Reduced blanket piling, for longer run lengths between washes Less cleaning X X X
Less paper waste X   X
Improved plate activation enables faster press startup Less paper waste X X X
Less water consumption X X  
Low VOC-formulations for alcohol-free or -reduced*printing
*to be used with ANTURA IPA 100
Less IPA consumption X X  
FOGRA-certified, to ensure a failsafe production Longer life span rollers X   X
ISEGA-certified (Elite Eco SF sheetfed founts), to allow printing on food packaging material Less restrictions of use     X

Yes, I want to get the maximum out of the my Energy Elite Eco plates. Contact me for a free Elite Eco founts trial.