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Make your prepress and printing operations more economical, ecological, and extra convenient—or ECO³. Increase your profitability by saving up to:

  • 50% on waste
  • 40% on ink
  • 30% on paper
  • 40% on make-ready time
  • 95% on water


To boldly go where no screening has gone before...

Commercial Printing product categories



Agfa Graphics' extensive plate product assortment meets your specific platemaking requirements: digital or analog, visible light, UV, polyester, thermal, chemistry-free, direct-on-press,... engineered to stay ahead.

CtP Engines

CtP Engines

Different CtP systems accommodate different business, productivity and application needs. Our visible light, thermal and chemistry-free technologies each bring unique benefits to your commercial printing workflow.

Processors & Clean-Out Units

Processors & Clean-Out Units

We offer a complete assortment of processors and clean-out units. For large volume, heavy-duty requirements as well as for users with limited plate throughput. For chemistry-free as well as for conventional printing plates.

Pressroom Supplies

Pressroom Supplies

With decades of experience in print, Agfa Graphics knows that different pressroom environments present different demands on plate and press performance and that careful formulation of pressroom chemicals adds to the optimisation of press performance, with improved productivity and quality. Agfa Graphics' dedicated products deliver the best possible performance in today's demanding pressroom.



A proof is worth little, unless it is printed on the proper proofing media to perfectly predict the results on press. Whether you use dye or pigment inks, and need premium color contract proofs or dual-sided imposition proofs, we have media that is perfect for your application.

And of course there is Synaps, a synthetic paper produced by Agfa's Specialty Products business group.

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Apogee gives you innovative tools that allow you to produce print more efficiently and service your customers on a higher level. It lets you interact between departments to generate peak productivity and interact with customers to provide a rich experience that generates loyalty. It optimizes every aspect of your operation from customer collaboration through prepress all the way to finished product.



Agfa Graphics is the world’s leading provider of films for the printing industry. It’s through this long standing experience that we have come to know your needs, and fine-tuned our products accordingly. Trusted technology from the Agfa experts. With Agfa's film you do not only get top-quality technologies, you get the knowledge and experience of Agfa's experts, to help you achieve the most from your solution.



At Agfa, we understand that providing you with complete business solutions means more than supplying high-quality equipment. It means providing the most extensive Technical and Expert services in the industry, so that you have the knowledge and support you need to run a productive and profitable business.

Agfa Graphics' financial services to the Graphic Industry are designed to your company specific needs.

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Streamline your workflow in the cloud

Cloud technology offers publishing experts new ways of improving efficiency while meeting the challenges of the future: growing amounts of data, customer data integrity, foolproof data storage, excellent performance and permanent accessibility. Agfa Graphics offers a unique service that moves the prepress workflow to the cloud and is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of print professionals.
Learn more about the unique benefits of our cloud solutions.

Commercial printing news

  • Agfa sets a new standard in heatset and coldset printing with SPIR@L technology
    26 June 2019

    Agfa sets a new standard in heatset and coldset printing with SPIR@L technology

    Agfa launches SPIR@L, its latest patented screening technology that replaces traditional dots with alternative shapes to increase quality and reduce production cost. It’s the latest addition to Agfa’s ECO³ program, which focuses on economy, ecology and extra convenience.

  • New features and major improvements boost production efficiency with new Apogee v11
    23 July 2018

    New features and major improvements boost production efficiency with new Apogee v11

    A solid workflow adapted to changing market requirements is a high-value asset for printers. Building on its unique feature set as production hub, Apogee v11 takes print production to the next level by automating all prepress tasks. The new release also includes multi-product support to increase printing efficiency, while the integration with PressTune supports Agfa Graphics’ ECO³ market approach focused on economy, ecology and extra convenience.



  • Effingermedien, Switzerland –
    19 March 2019

    Effingermedien, Switzerland – "Our IT department can focus on more fundamental tasks now"

    When the production departments of two Swiss printing companies joined forces and moved to one location, Agfa facilitated the challenging restructuring process. Crucial element was the deployment of the Apogee workflow software in the cloud.

  • Acorn jump to cloud based Workflow solution…
    15 March 2019

    Acorn jump to cloud based Workflow solution…

    Acorn Web offset has created a new £1/2 million pre-press department in time for the arrival of its new 32pp Lithoman press. It has turned to its long-standing partner, Agfa Graphics, to provide a turn key solution, with cloud-based workflow, to meet its future pre-press needs.

  • Tech paper - Azura TE
    22 January 2015

    Tech paper - Azura TE

    As the market moves to shorter and shorter print runs, litho printers have to compete against digital printers with shorter runs and faster response times. ...

  • Tech paper - Azura TU
    05 December 2013

    Tech paper - Azura TU


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