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Paper  | Agfa Graphics, Mortsel, BELGIUM  | 25 October 2016

The power of UV inks

UV inks are the elite class among top-quality inkjet ink formulations. Here is why:

  • Instantly dried by rays of UV light, and thus immediately ready for further handling
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Great abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Super consistency and reliability
  • No need for evaporation or special layers on substrates
  • No VOC emissions



UV inkjet ink compounds

UV inkjet inks comprise the compounds necessary for the photochemical reaction that is started by the exposure to UV light: monomers and photoinitiators. The photoinitiators form radicals upon UV exposure and these in turn start up the polymerization of the monomers. The UV ink derives its color from the pigment dispersion. Many additives are needed to realize all quality aspects, including surfactants, in-can stabilizers, adhesion promoters etc. 

UV curing vs. thermal drying

Using UV light instead of heat, the UV curing process instantly deposits a hardened layer of ink onto the substrate. While conventional heat- and air-drying processes entail solvent evaporation, UV curing does not. Since UV curing also doesn’t generate pollutants or cause coating thickness or volume loss, it results in higher productivity, more resistant results, and less waste and energy use.

Agfa inks – Always spot on

Agfa inks – Always spot on

Excellent prints begin with the best possible ink solutions. Leveraging years of experience and chemical knowledge, we design and develop unique high-performance UV inks for a wide range of applications with the lowest consumption on the market. Find out just how we do this.

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Five reasons to choose Agfa’s UV (LED)-curable inks

Leveraging years of experience and chemical knowledge, we design, develop and manufacture high-performance UV inks for a wide range of applications. Five reasons why they are the best.

How we make our inkjet inks

Agfa is the only ink partner that offers knowledge and expertise in all possible aspects of UV ink development and manufacturing. Take a peek behind the scenes.

Your partner to integrate print in manufacturing

We have all the experience needed to integrate printing into any given manufacturing process. We design, develop and manufacturing inkjet inks & fluids in direct cooperation with system integrators. The main advantages: flexibility and cost efficiency.

Industrial Printing

Agfa designs, develops and manufactures high-performance inkjet inks & fluids for wide format sign & display printing and for various forms of inkjet printing applications. Furthermore, Agfa offers a fully integrated B2B customer approach for developing custom-made inks, fine-tuned to accommodate specific inkjet applications.


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