Arkitex Production

Arkitex Production manages the entire production workflow, enables publishers to meet ever-tightening deadlines with ease. Meet the new generation of pre-press newspaper software.

Arkitex Production Family


Arkitex Production offers your company fully-automated newspaper pre-production.

This powerful workflow suite is designed specifically to fully integrate equipment and tasks throughout production. Page input and planning, imposition and CTP, punch-benders and press-room… Publisher planning, file delivery, pre-flighting, ink optimization, approval, ripping, imposition, device management and multi-site distribution. Arkitex Production does it all, in an integrated functionality.

Arkitex Production is a modular and scalable software solution. Working at a smaller operation? Opt for a basic module. Larger printers can choose from a range of advanced modules for complex workflows.

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Key Benefits

  • Designed specifically for efficient newspaper production
  • Efficient use of new, high-performance platforms using native 64-bit implementation
  • Complete flexibility supporting production for a single site up to supporting entire group production, making use of the cloud and offered as SaaS
  • Easier working process as a result of built-in production planning tools, imposition and CTP control
  • Full HTML5 user interface that allows access from the desktop or from a tablet or mobile devices
  • Fewer mistakes thanks to the soft proofing and approval system;
  • Incorporating the daily experience of more than 1000 customers throughout the world


There are multiple versions of the software:

Arkitex Production Impose is great for editorial sites that require a flexible and versatile file imposition system.

Arkitex Production Essentials is meant for customers with lower-speed CtP systems, who are looking for an economical solution that fits all their needs.

Arkitex Production Prime, for customers with up to three platesetters and three RIPs, offering a flexible and versatile Newspaper Production system

Arkitex Production Enterprise is the full-functionality level. We will be able to deliver this in the near future.


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