Attiro VHS

Saving money and the planet while cleaning out your violet chemistry-free plates? Use Attiro VHS, a clean-out unit that uses a unique cascade concept.



Meet Attiro VHS, the high-speed unit that cleans out your violet chemistry-free plates to perfection. A new, groundbreaking technology makes the process even more productive and sustainable. With Attiro VHS a full maintenance (with ATTIRO CareClean) is only required after 8.000 m². It therefore doubles bath life and drastically reduces gum consumption and waste. And above all, it delivers your plates perfectly clean at high speed.

The ultimate advantage is its unique cascade system, where the concentrated gum is effectively reused in three sections. In this way, the non-imaged areas are effectively removed and there is no risk of oxidizing.

The Attiro clean-out unit forms a very attractive solution combined with N94-VCF or N95-VCF chemistry-free printing plates, and the Advantage N TR (V)HS platesetter.

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Unique cascade concept



The emulsion of the exposed plate is hardened using a high-tech hot air oven. A sensor ensures a uniform and stable temperature on the plate. 


The plate is cooled to enable immediate cleaning. The plate is cooled to an optimum temperature which prevents overheating of the liquids in the subsequent sections.  


Gum 1

95 % of all non-imaged areas are removed from the plate. Gum is sprayed on the plate. The imaged areas are bonded to the substrate and therefore not removed by the gum. The gum is actually cascaded into the first tank from the second tank. As most of the clean out happens in the first gum section, it contains most of the cleaned out emulsion. From this tank, the exhausted gum is drained off.


The remaining non-imaged areas are removed from the plate. The gum mix from the third tank cascades into the second tank, and pushes the gum used for the second cleaning step away. It then cascades into the first tank.


A layer of fresh gum is applied to prevent the plate from oxidizing the grained and anodized aluminum. The final clean-out step is carried out with concentrated gum fresh from the bottle, thus ensuring a perfectly clean plate. The fresh gum and water from the tank in the third section then cascade into the tank of the second section. 


The plate is dried to enable immediate handling, independent of the plate format. Hot air is blown through a pair of air tubes, which dries the plate on both sides. As a result, further handling of the plate is immediately possible.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal gum consumption for maximal clean-out effect
  • Full maintenance only required after 8,000 m²
  • High speed up to 350 (400 for the Attiro VHS) plates per hour makes it the perfect match for high-production heavy-duty environments
  • Fully flat plate transport
  • Less transport of gum bottles

Technical Specs


Plate type

N94-VCF or N95-VCF chemistry-free photopolymer offset plates

Plate width, min. - max.

200 - 710 mm (7.9 - 28”)

Plate length, min.

275 mm (10.9”)

Plate thickness, min. - max.

0.15 - 0.30 mm (0.006 - 0.012”)

Platesetters (Agfa Graphics)

Advantage N

Plate speed

40 - 250 cm/min (40 – 300 cm/min for the Attiro VHS)

Plate volume

Up to 400 plates/hour

Brush speed

  • Gum 1: 200 rpm (fixed)
  • Gum 2: 150 rpm (fixed)
  • Total hardness < 6° dH)
  • Connection: 3/4 gas
  • Drain tube: inner diameter 25 mm

Max. pressure

3 bar

Mechanical specifications



  • Pre-heating min.-max.: 20 - 160°C (68 - 320°F)
  • Dryer min.-max.: 20 - 70°C (68 - 158°F)

Dryer temperature for Avatar V-ZH plate processing: min. 49°C or 120°F"

Tank volumes


  • Gum 1: 7.5 lit. (1.98 US gal.)
  • Gum 2: 5.5 lit. (1.45 US gal.)
  • Gum 3: 4.5 lit (1.19 US gal.)

Noise emission (max.)

< 70 dB

Physical specifications
Weight cleaning module
incl. crating
285 kg (628 lb)
385 kg (848 lb)
Weight pre-heating module
incl. crating
218 kb (480 lb)
318 kg (701 lb)
Dimensions cleaning module (w x d x h) 1550 x 1350 x 1220 mm (61.0 x 53.2 x 31.5”)
Dimensions pre-heating module (w x d x h) 1550 x 1350 x 1220 mm (61.0 x 53.2 x 31.5”)
Electrical specifications

Machine power

EUR: three-phase / 3W + N + PE - 400V / 14Amps, 50/60Hz.
USA: three-phase / 3W + PE - 208 - 230V / 23Amps, 50/60Hz

Voltage tolerances

+/- 10%

Power consumption EUR/US

9000 Watt hour (30717 BTU)

Energy consumption (under standard working conditions for 1 h)
  • Ready (Standby): 2.0 kWh
  • Processing: 4.0 kWh
  • Logic off (device switched off via touch panel only, main switch remains on): 0.02 kWh


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