Azura TS

Eliminate the processing variables that you worry about, and get the reliable and consistent quality that your clients deserve: with Azura TS, the chemical-free plate system.

Azura TS


The Azura TS is a thermal plate for low- to medium-volume commercial printing where simplicity and reliability are priorities. It allows you to preserve the high-quality imaging of traditional platemaking, without press changes or chemical processing.

Chemistry-free platemaking? That’s right, thanks to the ThermoFuseTM particles in the anodized aluminum plate coating. The thermal laser heats up the coating, causing the particles to fuse and bond firmly to the aluminum. After exposure, the plate is cleaned and gummed in one simple step by the Azura Clean-Out Unit (COU). The result? Razor-sharp image definition, in runs of up to 100,000, depending on press conditions.

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Key Benefits

  • Simplified platemaking thanks to advanced ThermoFuseTM technology
  • Clear and consistent high-quality results
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safer work environment because of the chemistry-free procedure
  • Reduction of waste and disposal costs formerly associated with chemicals


No Processing Variables

Azura TS plates can easily be added to any workflow. Because they use no chemical processing, they are safer, simpler and more consistent for everyone to use. And they provide the convenience of daylight handling, allowing them to be used in any prepress environment.

No Special Press Room Handling

Azura TS plates work with your existing press workflow, so you can keep on working with the same inks, fountain solutions, or alcohol substrates. The plate prints directly from its electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate, giving you a wider printing latitude.

High-quality Results on Press

Azura TS plates provide 2 - 98% dpi screen tints at 200 lpi depending on imaging conditions, yielding excellent results on press. They also give you up to 100,000 impressions depending on printing conditions for high productivity.

ThermoFuse Technology

During imaging, particles within the Azura TS plate are fused together by the thermal laser to create an image. A physical process then bonds the image to the substrate, with absolutely no chemical processing involved. A dedicated cleaning unit uses gum to finish the plate and clean the un-fused areas, leaving you with a press-ready Azura TS plate.

Technical Specs

Plate characteristics

Plate type

Negative-working, chemistry-free ThermoFuseTM offset plate


High-quality grained and anodized aluminum

Spectral sensitivity

830 nm (Thermal laser diode)

Practical sensitivity

200 mJ/cm²

Platesetter compatiblity

Accredited for most common external drum thermal platesetters

Image contrast

Good. Can be measured with all available densitometers and plate reader

Plate sizes

Standard sheet-fed and web sizes

Resolution (depending on platesetter)

ABS: 2-98 % at 200 lpi at 2400 dpi

Sublima: 1-99% at 240 lpi at 2400 dpi


0.15, 0.20, 0.24, 0.30 mm (0.006”, 0.008”, 0.010”, 0.012”)

Run length

Up to 100,000 dependent on press conditions, not suited for UV inks


Clean-out gum

Azura TS gum

Bath life

300 m²/20 litres

Clean-out unit

Azura COU 95, 125, 85, 120

Azura COU CX85, CX125

Clean-out unit speed

1.6 m/min in CX85, CX125


Room lighting


Room conditions (T, RH)

18-24 °C (64-75 °F), < 70% RH

Storage conditions

Ambient temperatures below 50°C / 50°C not to be exceeded for >24 hours


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