Azura Vi

Azura Vi is a violet plate designed for chemical-free processing: the perfect combination for outstanding, low-cost results.

Azura Vi


Agfa was the first to introduce violet laser technology for CtP applications. It maintains that position by offering you Azura Vi: a violet plate designed for chemical-free processing. Azura Vi provides superior print quality, easy handling and outstanding durability.

By installing a simple modification kit or using a clean-out unit (COU), you can clean out gum in your plate processors without developer. This results in a higher print consistency than ever before. Moreover, its compatibility with all mainstream violet CtP units that emit at least 30 mW, makes it an excellent option for commercial printers worldwide.

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Key Benefits

  • Combination of advanced violet laser and chemical-free technologies
  • Optional reuse of existing plate processors as a COU
  • Cost reduction thanks to the durable and reliable violet diode platesetters
  • Consistent and predictable platemaking through the elimination of processing variables
  • Low gum consumption and overall waste


Reduced Costs with Greater Image Consistency

Because it’s a chemistry-free plate, there’s no need for a developer, thus eliminating one of the main variables affecting image consistency. Instead of using standard plate processors, printers can now use simple, less expensive clean-out units (COUs). It’s also possible, with the installation of a simple modification kit, to reuse an existing Agfa Graphics plate processor as a COU. Violet-diode platesetters stand out for their low cost of ownership, extremely long lifespan and absolute reliability.

International Compatibility

This new, chemistry-free plate works with all mainstream violet CtP units currently in use at commercial print sites across the world and emitting at least 30 mW.

High Performance on Press

Although a chemistry-free plate, press operators will readily accept it because it looks, feels and behaves as any other aluminium offset plate. Normal plate densitometers can be used to read the plate without problems. Thanks to its high contrast, a quick visual check will immediately reveal possible errors (imposition, etc.). 

Technical Specs

Plate characteristics

Plate type

Negative-working, chemistry-free violet-laser offset plate


High-quality grained and anodized aluminum

Spectral sensitivity

405 nm (violet-laser diode)

Practical sensitivity

45 µJ/cm²

Platesetter compatiblity

Most violet platesetters with laser power of 30 mW and higher

Image contrast

Good. Can be measured with all available densitometers and plate reader

Plate sizes

Standard sheet-fed and web sizes

Resolution (depending on platesetter)

3–97% at 200 lpi for ABS

1–99% at 210 lpi for Sublima


0.15 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.30 mm, (0,006", 0,008",  0,012")

Run length

Up to 150,000 (dependent on press conditions, not suited for UV inks)


Azura Violet Gum as clean-out gum
VCF Finisher as storage gum



Replenishment rate

66 mL/m²

Bath life

VCF85: 900 m² or 6 weeks


VCF85 or existing violet polymer processors

Processor speed

1.2 m/min (VCF85)


Room lighting


Room conditions (T, RH)

18–24 °C (64–75 °F), 45 % ± 10% RH

Storage conditions

Below 30 °C

Pressroom supplies


Not applicable
Baking gum: Not applicable

Plate correction pen (for unbaked plates)

Polymer deletion pen

Plate Cleaner

Standard: ANTURA CtP Plate Cleaner
Low-VOC/NON-VOC: ANTURA Low-VOC Plate Cleaner
Cleaning gum: ANTURA CleanGum

Fountain Solutions

Sheetfed: RC661
Sheetfed: Prima FS303 SF
Sheetfed: Prima FS404 AS(H)
Sheetfed: ANTURA fount AFS(H)1
Sheetfed: Prima FS808 AF
Heatset: ANTURA fount (H)700
Coldset: Not applicableRehardener: RC611

Roller and blanket washes

Xtrawash Plus 40 & 60


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