Jeti Ceres RTR3200 LED

Resilient, swift and precise, Jeti Ceres is a roll-to-roll, 3.2 m six-color + white UV LED inkjet printer that offers surpassing print quality and output. As the ‘workhorse’ of roll-to-roll printing, Ceres stands up to any challenge, for high productivity, stunning images and low maintenance needs.

Jeti Ceres


Jeti Ceres is the exclusively roll-to-roll printing solution that combines the extreme robustness of the line with the superior throughput demanded by cutting-edge print facilities.

The robust printer is ideal for mid- to high-end roll media printing of all types, powered by Asanti workflow technology and compatible with PrintSphere. Perfectly adapted to industry-leading Agfa UV inks, Ceres features extremely low ink consumption, for faster printing, fewer passes and rich results.

Equipped with 6 UV LED-cured colors plus white and primer as options, this rugged printer easily tackles the toughest jobs, providing the highest image quality on the market on a wide variety of flexible substrates suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Jeti Ceres comes with ultra-bright 16-watt/cm2 UV LED lamps for benefits that will revolutionize your printing business.

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Key Benefits

  • Extremely fast roll-to-roll printing.
  • Combines the robustness of the Jeti line with superior throughput speed.
  • Relies on UV LED print technology, for cost benefits and printing on heat-sensitive media.
  • Outstanding print quality in six colors, with optional primer & white.
  • Powered by smart Asanti workflow software and compatible with PrintSphere.


Dedicated roll-to-roll printing

Nothing beats roll-to-roll printing for productivity, and the Jeti Ceres delivers superb results, time after time, with minimal maintenance and downtime. If you’re looking for the true industrial ‘workhorse’ of roll-to-roll printing, Ceres is the solution for you.

Rapid results

The printing speed of the Jeti Ceres enables even the most advanced printing service provider superior output and quality. Low maintenance and built to last, this printer keeps up with the demands of any application with minimal downtime – boosting the capacity of your business.

UV LED print technology

Equipped with ultra-bright UV LED lamps, the Jeti Ceres offers major advantages in terms of ROI, costs, eco-friendliness and the generation of extra business.

Read more about the benefits of UV LED print technology.

Dual-sided printing

Do you want to amplify the impact of your backlit or block-out print applications? Jeti Ceres is capable of rapid dual-sided printing, enabling you to maximize the potential of the substrate to display the highest possible image quality.

Dual-roll printing

Regardless of media type, the Jeti Ceres enables dual-roll printing of media up to 60 inches (152.4 cm) wide for even greater flexibility and output. Combined with its unparalleled print speed, this printer offers the perfect combination of benefits to any high-throughput printing initiative.

Skip white

In order to print as efficiently as possible, the Jeti Ceres automatically skips white areas when printing. This feature is available in both slow and fast scan direction.

More Features

  • Media free fall for immediate finishing
  • Continuous printing of single jobs, multiple copies and multiple jobs.
  • Automatic media edge detection sensor to detect the exact position of the roll(s) for accurate printing.
  • Two rows of fast-firing Ricoh inkjet print heads.
  • Advanced GUI design for cropping, rotating, auto-nesting, scaling, stepping, saving job parameters for reprints and more.
  • Shuttle equipped with anti-static bar, automatic head height adjustment, safety sensors.
  • Shuttle easily accessible for maintenance of the print heads.
  • Foot pedals on front and back side for ease of use during loading and unloading.


The Jeti Ceres prints on a diverse range of roll media, including mesh (without liner).


Superior gamut, rich pigmentation, no wasted effort

Agfa-made inks feature the finest precision dispersion and the smallest dots, for rich depth and color density with no redundant droplets. Highly pigmented with superior gamut, these inks give you the benefits of spectacular images with minimal ink use, for huge cost savings.

Agfa’s UV-curable LED inks: always spot on

The proprietary formulations of Agfa Graphics’ UV LED inks enable printing on heat-sensitive substrates without warping, wrinkling or reduced calibration. Expand the scope of your printing applications by adding new media to your repertoire. Our inks are incredibly versatile as well, designed with media type and print engine characteristics in mind.

Thin ink technology

Thanks to the high pigment load of our inks, ink consumption per square meter is the lowest on the market. This ‘thin ink layer’ pigment dispersion technology not only results in eye-catching prints; it also boosts eco-friendliness, reduces waste and saves money.

Advanced white printing and white ink management

Agfa Graphics’ white ink enhances the opacity of printed materials, boosts color contrast and intensifies text readability. Add new dimensions and vivacity to backlit substrates and impress audiences with arresting, multifaceted color and clarity with the perfect white background made possible by Agfa Graphics ink, which can be printed in multiple modes (pre-white, post-white, sandwich) on diverse roll media. The white ink used by the Jeti Ceres engine is extremely opaque and constantly circulated by the printer along the entire ink line, preventing blockages or clogging.

Primer option for better surface tension

Printing on unusual substrates? Need extra durability? Enhance your results without losing any time with Jeti Ceres’ primer option. The engine pre-prints a fine layer of primer automatically before depositing ink, preparing the surface of the substrate to receive ink by giving it ideal surface tension with minimal impact on cost per square meter printed.


Powered by Asanti

The Jeti Ceres is driven by Agfa Graphics’ wide-format workflow software Asanti, which controls the entire printing process from prepress to production and finishing. Boost your productivity and efficiency with this high-performance solution.

Asanti’s comprehensive integration of file handling, color management and pre-flighting guarantees error-free jobs ready to send to the appropriate wide-format output devices. It is completed by Asanti StoreFront, a web-to-print solution that lets you create and manage online stores and automatically process print orders.

Compatible with PrintSphere

As a leading-edge printer powered by Asanti, the Jeti Ceres also integrates perfectly with PrintSphere, Agfa Graphics’ cloud-based service for production automation, easy file sharing and safe data storage.

Technical Specs

Jeti Ceres RTR3200 LED

Media & printing specifications
Flexible media
Max-Min print width Single roll = 3.20 m (126.0”) -  60.96 cm (24”)
Dual roll = 1.52 m (60”) - 60.96 cm (24”)
Max-Min print height

Full roll length - na

Max-Min roll width Single roll = 3.26 m (128.5”) - 60.96 cm (24”)
Dual roll =  1.56 m (61.5”) - 60.96 cm (24”)

Maximum length

>100 m length. Also depends on the thickness and total roll weight

Max-Min media thickness

Max. 2.0 mm (0.08”) – Min. 0.2 mm (1/64”) for single and dual roll

Maximum weight

Single roll = 200 kg (441 lb)
Dual roll = 180 kg (400 lb), 2 rolls of each 90 kg (200 lb)
Maximum roll outside diameter

360 mm (14.2”) for single and dual roll

Roll mounting Pneumatic shafts for 7,62cm - 3” (standard) and 15,24 cm - 6” (with adapters) for single and dual roll

Media skew

Max. 2 mm on 10 m printing, for single and dual roll

Borderless printing flexible media

Single roll = Up to 3.2 m (126”)

Media transportation

Pre-heater, dancer bars and print plate suction for roll-to-roll & free-fall


Express mode

186 m²/h (2,002 ft2/hr)

Production mode

94 m²/h (1,012 ft2/hr)

Standard mode

62 m²/h (667 ft2/hr)

High-quality mode

36 m²/h (387 ft2/hr)

High-definition mode

22 m²/h (237 ft2/hr)


Media types

Reinforced vinyl, pressure-sensitive vinyl, clear materials, block-out banner, canvas, mesh, fabrics (non-stretchy), paper, backlits, and more


Color only, pre-white, post-white, sandwich white, primer (concurrent)

Print heads & inks

Print heads

Piezoelectric Ricoh MH5420


CMYKLcLm + white and primer (white and primer are factory-installed options)

Ink system maintenance

Pulse when printing & auto prime when idle (configurable)

Image & text quality

Image quality

Resolution up to 920 x 1200 dpi in High Definition

Text quality

4 point legible text, Sans Serif.

Engine dimensions & weight

Printer dimensions & Weight
(H x W x L)

1.99 m x 1.78 m x 6.48 m
(78.5 in x 70 in x 255 in)

2177 kg (4800 lbs)

Crate dimensions & Weight

(H x W x L)

2.54 m x 2.04 m x 6.81 m
(100 in x 80.25 in x 268 in)

3175 kg (7000 lbs)

Electricity & compressed air


400Y / 230V, 3-phase 50/60 Hz
25 KVA (35A)

Compressed air

5 cfm continuous air at 100-150 psi
(8.3 m3/hr at 6.9-10.3 bar)

System integration RIP/workflow software


Asanti, PrintSphere, third-party rips


North America

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South America

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