Jeti Titan S/HS

The Jeti Titan S and HS are true flat-bed, 3-meter-wide UV-curable printers. They achieve speeds up to 160 m²/h and come with a flat-to-roll option.

Jeti Titan S/HS


Get to know the Jeti Titan S and the Jeti Titan HS: true flat-bed, six-color UV inkjet printers. They combine superb quality with speed at an unbeatable price-productivity ratio.

The Titan S is equipped with one row of print heads. The Titan HS has two rows, offering even greater productivity. Both machines are part of a complete package, which also includes the Asanti workflow software and dedicated inks. And they come with a flat-to-roll option, giving you the ability to print on roll media with the same resolution.

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Key Benefits

  • Unparallelled, photorealistic print quality
  • Full speed 6-color printing with white on board
  • Modular head configuration
  • Fit for rigid as well as roll media
  • Robust industrial build


Robust Flat-bed

The Jeti Titan S and HS have a 2 x 3 m true flat-bed design for optimum registration and repeatability. The moving table concept uses the latest generation of Ricoh Gen 5 print heads, motion drive and curing technology. And the printers’ frames are based on tubular solid steel for seven day/three shift endurance.

Flat-to-roll Option

The flat-to-roll feature makes it possible to print roll material up to 3.2 m wide with the same high quality and resolution as rigid materials. The machine can handle rolls of up to 113 kg, so you can buy media economically and compete in even more markets.

White Ink System

Pre- and post-white printing are standard options with both models. The available modes include overprint, under-print, spot, under-spot, fill and over-spot for rigids and pre-white for roll media.

The Jeti Titan’s white ink system is designed to eliminate the resettling problems associated with the components of white ink. The white ink bulk tank is in non-stop motion using a stirring mechanism. Constant circulation flow through the lines all the way to the heads is maintained at an optimized ink temperature to keep nozzles from clogging.

Primer option

Difficult substrates can pose adhesion and durability challenges in inkjet printing. These include polypropylene, PMMA/acrylic, polystyrene, polycarbonate etc. With the primer option, users can select to have primer applied automatically, either as a 'fill' (the whole area) or 'mask' (printed areas only). A speedy pre-printing application of primer is automatically laid down to create excellent surface tension for better results. The UV-cured primer formulation is specifically designed for optimal results with the Ricoh Gen 5 heads on the Titan S/HS.

Varnish option 

If you are looking for extra means of adding value and differentiating yourself from competitors, the Titan S/HS with varnish is a perfect opportunity. Used as a 'spot' varnish, it can add dramatic effects to many applications including POP displays, packaging, decorative prints, trade show graphics etc. Agfa Graphics' specially formulated UV-curable varnish is compatible with almost all standard UV printing media and cures to a perfect sheen in gloss, or with a semi-gloss effect. The varnish option is factory installed only (not field upgradeable).

Dedicated inks

The Jeti Titan engines work perfectly together with Agfa Graphics' fast-curing Anuvia UV-curable inks that are designed specifically for high-end production platforms. Anuvia inks offer great resistance to chemicals and abrasions plus good adhesion on the substrate. Their sharp, vibrant colors combine high fade resistance and excellent light-fastness.

The Jeti Titans support the full range of industry standard rigid and flexible media.

More features

  • Anti-static bar neutralizes charged areas of your media.
  • Shuttle safety sensors prevent the print heads from touching the substrate, thus preventing damage.
  • Automatic head height adjustment
  • Advanced GUI design provides the ultimate in functionality: scaling, stepping, reprints etc. Default delivered with Asanti Render and designed to integrate with the full Asanti workflow, while also being open to third-party RIPs.


Reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, foam board, corrugated board, lenticular, tile, drywall, glass, sheet metal, paper and more

Technical Specs

Rigid Media & Printing Specifications

Maximum width

3.09 m (122”)

Maximum length                            

2.0 m (79”)


Min. 0.2 cm (80 mil) - max. 5 cm (1.97”)

Flexible Media & Printing Specifications

Maximum width

3.09 m (122”)

Maximum length

Depends on total roll weight


Express mode

Up to 160 m²/hr (1,722 ft²/hr)


Media types

Reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, foamboard, corrugated board, lenticular, tile, drywall, glass, sheet metal, paper and more.
Print Heads & Inks

Print heads

Piezoelectric Ricoh Gen 5


  • CMYKLcLm
  • White
  • Primer
  • Varnish
Image & Text Quality

Prints high quality

Up to 720 x 1200 dpi

Text quality

4 pt

Engine Weight & Dimensions

Printer dimensions (H x W x L)

1.97 m x 2.43 m x 6.55 m (77.5" x 95.5" x 258")

With FTR (H x W x L)

197 cm x 424 cm x 655 cm (77.5" x 167" x 258")

Weight Jeti Titan S / HS only

4,014 kg (8,850 lb)

Weight FTR

593 kg (1,308 lb)

Electricity & Compressed Air


400Y / 230V, 3-phase 50/60 Hz, 35A (25 KVA)

Compressed air

  • 100 PSI minimum - 150 PSI (7-10 bar) maximum
  • with a 10 gallon (40 liter tank) 15 cfm peak
System Integration RIP / Workflow software
Asanti, third-party rips


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