Pressroom supplies

Discover a complete range of pressroom chemicals, developed specifically for use on Agfa Graphics’ plates.

Pressroom Supplies


Ink, water, fountain solution, washes … During the printing process, there are a lot of products that interact with your rubber, metal and plate coatings. Agfa Graphics has been involved in the development of pressroom chemicals for twenty years, alongside the production of its plates. Guaranteeing the optimal performance of our chemical supplies.

Agfa Graphics’ pressroom chemicals work reliably, even under the most demanding pressroom conditions. To be absolutely sure, Agfa tests all products at its in-house printing shop before releasing them onto the market.

Agfa Graphics delivers best-in-class products to ensure stable production for its customers.


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  • Correction materials

    Correction materials

    Agfa Graphics has the right pen for every small deletion and addition. Each type of plate has its own type of pen, which matches the plate exactly to give you the best possible result.

  • Fountain Solutions

    Fountain Solutions

    Agfa’s top-quality fountain solutions are essential tools for printing with ultimate precision.

  • Gums and Finishers

    Gums and Finishers

    Protect your plates from oxidation using Agfa Graphics’ gums and finishers. Easy to use and quick to remove when the plate is on the press.

  • Plate Care Products

    Plate Care Products

    Extend the lifetime of your plates by using the right plate care product. Agfa Graphics developed performing plate cleaners for each plate.

  • Rejuvenators


    Don’t forget to clean the rubber rollers on your printing press. Keep them ink-receptive with Agfa Graphics’ rejuvenators.

  • Roller and Blanket Washes

    Roller and Blanket Washes

    Keep your rollers and blankets clean by using Agfa Graphics’ wash products, for optimal daily performance.

  • Specialities


    Just keep printing. And if difficulties occur, Agfa Graphics has the right solutions up its sleeve. Discover the products that solve any of your problems.


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